College acceptance leads to future fall freshman


Dylan McCloud

My suite mate and I attended Spring Fest open house at GCSU to speak to current students and faculty. Spring Fest has been a tradition at Georgia College for many years in order to allow students to meet with professors, future clubs, and future classmates.

Gaby Holub, Social Media Manager

In Aug., if someone asked me how I felt about college, I would have given the basic senior reply of “I honestly don’t know.” I had my top colleges lined up with their applications opened, but I did not know where to start in the process of the application or the recommendation letters. It became a daily and nightly ritual of staring at a blank Google document.

I planned on applying as an “undecided” major and hoped for the best, but those few, short hours spent in my uncle’s office changed my perspective.

Around mid-Sept., it was like a light bulb had gone off. I applied to in-state and out-of-state colleges with my major. I spent the week of my birthday in New York City, shadowed my uncle and fell in love with marketing.

As a bi-cultural student, I really wanted to incorporate my own culture and do something creative that would not only impact the United States but other countries. By deciding to major in marketing and minor in international studies, I would be able to do both in a creative way that brought different cultures together.

From the beginning of my college search, I knew I wanted to attend a liberal arts college and  Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia seemed to be the place where I belonged. If someone asked my closest friends, they would say I was a student who refused to stay in Georgia and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

The day of the college fair hosted at my school was a dreadful week. Only in-state colleges participated in the fair, and it seemed pointless for me to go. My mom and I  headed to the fair, but I thought it was useless, but it turned out to be one of the most eye opening experiences for me in my college search.

At the end of it I was ready to leave, but my mom showed me a college I never heard of called Georgia College and State University. Being a student who loves history, I knew I would thrive being in a town which was the original home of Georgia’s first capital and Governor’s mansion. Soon after we had gotten home, I started researching and fell in love with the school.

I booked a tour for the next week, and once I stepped on the campus for the first time, I experienced the cliche moment of just knowing this was the school for me.

Having applied early admissions, I was nervous to say the least. As Thanksgiving break rolled around, I could not stop refreshing the Tuesday the emails were to be sent out.

The email arrived in my inbox while I was working and I remember opening my email crying when I read the words- “Admitted Student.”  I had been accepted to GCSU into my program of study as a student for the Fall for 2019.

To even reach this point was far from being easy, I cried myself to sleep multiple nights wondering if this was the right choice for me or if college was supposed to be in my path. Receiving the email made me realize I was in fact truly ready to take that next step in my life and go to college.

If I did not end high school without a famous musical line would it even be a proper goodbye. It’s true what they say, High School Musical was nothing like how they portrayed it but once a Mustang, always a Mustang.