Varsity cheerleading coach wins Coach of the Year

Schmuhl accomplishes biggest award of her career.


Photo courtesy of NIkki Davis

Schmuhl forms very close bonds with her athletes. Davis cheered for Schmuhl for the past three years and will continue in her senior year.

Kortney Huggins, Staff Writer

Stacey Schmuhl, varsity cheer coach, received the Ashley Taube Coach of the Year award in recognition for her passion for cheerleading. In order to apply, applicants had to be nominated by fellow coaches and friends for the award along with having two letters of recommendation.

“I’m really humbled because other coaches nominate you, so it’s a big deal when people you respect and look up to nominate you for the award in the first place,” Schmuhl said.

The Ashley Taube Coach of the Year award was renamed last year to honor Ashley Taube, a cheerleading coach at Mill Creek High School who passed away of cancer. Recipients of the award are recognized for their work ethic and accomplishments among other things.

“I’ve won things like region coach of the year in like school level, but a lot of times that is just based on your record… so for other coaches to select you, this one just means the most to me,” Schmuhl said.

After finding out she had won the award, Schmuhl felt that she was not the only one deserving of the award.

“To be honest, it was a really good team. They were hard workers, really sweet and probably the most bonded group I’ve ever had, and I said it in my speech, if I’m deserving of the award, then the credit also goes to them. They let me coach them and they did what I asked them to do,” Schmuhl said.

I can’t believe it happened to me. It’s just really awesome. ”

— Schmuhl

But for her team and Chelsea McCreary, co-cheerleading coach, they knew she was well qualified for the award and nominated her while showering her with support along the way.

“Myself along with coach Gue, Mr. Shedd, Dr. Hill and my mother nominated her for the award. [I would describe her as] confident, methodical and committed. As a teacher, she really wants her students to grow along with her as a teacher,” Mccreary said.

One of the two letters of recommendation came from student athlete Nikki Davis, junior. Davis works with Schmuhl on and off the mat as a varsity cheerleader and peer facilitator in Schmuhl’s classroom.

“She’s taught me to be self-motivated all the time and that if you just make the choice to do the right things and better, that you’ll always be successful… I think how much passion she has for cheerleading made her stand out from others up for the award,” Davis said.

For some, winning this award would be everything, but for Schmuhl winning the award was an all around honor. From being nominated by fellow friends and co-workers, to being up against other amazing coaches.

“You don’t ever know who else is nominated, but just based on past people that I know, I’m sure it had to be a really big list of distinguished people. I felt like I wasn’t deserving at first, that they got it wrong. But I was really moved by it. Like I genuinely cried when I found out… it’s like the best thing ever,” Schmuhl said.

Taking this award to heart, Schmuhl plans to continue furthering both her teaching and coaching strategies in order to make sure Ola is successful on and off the mat.