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The orchestra warming up before the students took their seats. Each group performed twice on Fine Arts Day so students could see all aspects of fine arts.

Students showcase talent to elementary school

High school performers and musicians take to the stage to promote fine arts.

April 8, 2019

On March 29, Rock Spring Elementary school hosted Fine Arts Day, in which students from the fine arts programs at Ola High School went to showcase their talents.

“My favorite thing about Fine Arts Day is the music and watching people dance. When I get to highschool I want to play the trumpet,” Joshua Burns, fifth grader, said.

Fine Arts day is hosted annually to give elementary school students something fun to watch, but also to open their minds to the different fine arts pathways possible throughout middle and high school. The day consists of performances by the orchestra, chorus, band, winterguard and theatre programs.

“I like when people do the flags and like splits and stuff. It’s cool how they catch it and stuff and they don’t get hurt,” Stella Whisenhunt, second grader, said.

The student musicians, actors, and performers demonstrated their talents by taking turns discussing what they did before performing for the younger students. The audience engaged with the performance by singing along to songs they knew and clapping when they really enjoyed what was happening.

“It’s cool when [the performers and musicians] come here because we get to see what it will be like if we do [fine arts] when we’re older,” Burns said.

Elementary students had the opportunity to sit back, enjoy the performances and to ask any questions. Each performance concluded with high school students encouraging younger minds to join a program that they love.

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