Mothers and sons build bonds through date-night

Deck: Mother son date night turns into a night of endless fun


Kade Boyd, and his mom Lakin Boyd enjoy taking pictures and having fun with the minecraft theme. This being their third year participating in the event, they plan on attending next year.

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

Part of the Ola cluster schools, Rock Spring Elementary hosted its annual Mother and Son fun night. Ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade, students found fun in laser tag, playing Minecraft with their friends, while their moms relax with tea and talk to other moms in the participating event.

“This year we decided to try to do something special for the moms so that it wasn’t just about the boys.”

— Tracy Blackburn

“This year we decided to try to do something special for the moms

so that it wasn’t just about the boys. We added a

Savannah French, sophomore, and Riley Theophile, sophomore find excitement in volunteering at the mother-son fun night. Being back their they helped give out drinks to the mothers and sons.

mother’s corner were they have comfy couches and they have like hot water to make tea or they have coffee they can get, and the moms are really seeming to enjoy that,” Tracy Blackburn, principal, said

Taking a look back, Savannah French and Riley Theophile, sophomores, return to Rock Spring to volunteer and to help out the staff members. Being there, they got involved and helped give out drinks to the moms and their sons.

“It’s really fun because we both went here and it’s like exciting I guess and it’s cool seeing all the little kids,” Theophile said.

Attending the mother-Son hang out since kindergarten, Kade Boyd, third grader, and his mom Lakin Boyd enjoy being out in the community with other moms and sons. Getting to spend quality time together without any distractions.

Just getting to spend time with him without the rest of the family,” L. Boyd said.

Along with the mother-son dance, Rock Spring also offers a father-daughter dance. These events are held during the second semester of each school year.