Female athletes foster community

Friendships extend beyond the season.


Isabella Chapman

This years female athletes feel supported and empowered within their teams. Over the years support has grown from when the teams were first started.

Isabella Chapman, Staff Writer

Sophie Johnson, freshman, makes her way in lacrosse; Madelyn Dodson, sophomore, continues on her third season of tennis; Skylar Beamon, junior, experiences her first time on the  golf team and Breanna Smith, senior, finishes her last season of soccer with a bang. These ladies are in spring sports and all believe girls support each other in an amazing way.

“It’s amazing being with other girls and encouraging each other, it’s a lot of fun and it’s a good time,” Johnson said.

The support and trust that is shared between girls on the same team is very strong is what all the girls seem to believe.

“There is always that kid on the guys’ team that they make fun of, so but I mean that’s like their form of friendship but it’s just different,” Dodson said.

Teams will always be able to get comfortable together no matter what gender because they are playing a game with each other and they have to be able to trust the people on a team.

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s a lot to learn, but it’s really worth it and I’ve had a good time so far and to be honest, I mean being with other girls is a lot of fun and we never really have problems,” Johnson said.

Even though a person may be able to get comfortable with their teammates, it does not mean they won’t feel slightly rattled while watching the opposite gender play in games.

“I feel like it’s pretty good because you know the guys are really good so it’s kinda intimidating so us being an all-girl team it’s really easy for us to like get comfortable and play better and we all support each other,” Beamon said.

Females and males mostly stay on their own sides during spring sports but on rare occasions, they may mix. Frequently, sports that have a team for both genders leave the females on those teams feeling left out.

“It’s been a lot of fun, to be honest, I mean being with other girls is a lot of fun and we never really have problems,” Johnson said.

Support helps a team work more efficiently, which in fact leads to everyone having similar talents.

“I think when we play against teams it makes, it level outs the playing field, like our talents are just as good as theirs are. It’s just equal,” Smith said.

Leveling out the playing field is another thing about same-sex teams. When a sport like golf is generally thought as a male-dominated sport, the playing field is already tilted as guys possess a natural strength, giving them a higher advantage.

“We pretty much stay our separate ways like they’ll go out before us and then we’ll follow them, so they go a lot faster than us anyways,”  Beamon said.

The thought of guys being better at something than a girl is a general, but nothing defines a person better than work-ethic. Practice, experience and extra training are what makes one person better than the other.

“So all of the girls have had like training and stuff so like we’ve all done stuff with like people one on one and the guys are like new, so they just tried out for tennis and the girls have more technique you can say that the guys do,” Dodson said.

There can be some things that guys could be better at than girls and vise versa.

“I guess their stamina is better, they run faster and they are probably a lot more aggressive,” Smith said.

Better stamina comes from more experience and the more experience, the better of a player a person is. This would lead to being put on a more advanced team.

“The experience level, most of us on varsity have played for years and a lot of people on JV like recently started, not all but some of them,” Smith said.

Photo courtesy Breanna Smith
Smith number 24 is on the varsity team. She has been playing soccer for nine years.

While being new to a sport there is a lot to learn, especially how to play the game and the basic rules. Also, the experience level is very different. One team will be naturally better than the other because they have more experience.

“I’ve learned to work better with them which will help in further teams cause like when they play for MLS it’s all girls teams,” Smith said.

Working together can lead to new beginnings and new friendships that wouldn’t be found any other way.

“It gives me a good group of friends like you know like the school stresses of like the first day of school. I always had those few people that I could talk and that I have a friend in my class now that I only know from tennis,” Dodson said.

Being on a team and a having a family on the first day of school is what makes things work.

“I think we may work well together, being all females,” Smith said.

Working well leads to support and that is what being on a team is all about. Being close and having that good strong family feel.

“It’s really fun like all of the girls are really close and they all like support each other and like we are all like really good like good to each other you know,” Dodson said.