Empowering girls one day at a time

Mikaela Smith leads others using Brown Girl Magic


Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

Taking charge and helping others, Mikaela Smith, freshman, continues life was Brown Girl Magic, the organization which she started at 12 years old.

Girls gathered together at the end of the conference for pictures with M. Smith. Smith was thankful for everyone that came and supported her organization.

“My organization, Brown Girl Magic, is about empowering girls, not just brown girls but just all skin colors- to make them feel confident and make them realize their inner magic and just make them feel good about themselves,” Smith said.

At the start of her organization, she was applauded by Keke Palmer, actor for her ideas and author Jay Bamett for her m to Ola in seventh grade, she found new ways and more people to join and support her organization. Kennedy Chambers, freshman, and Kameron Mitchell, freshman, are Smith’s best friends and supported her at the Brown Girl Magic conference held in 2017.

“I thought it was amazing, and I applauded her and congratulated her on everything that she had accomplished because you don’t hear about a lot of young people like taking that initiative to start something like that, so I thought it was really cool,” Chambers said.

Worried it might have impacted her relationships, Smith hesitated telling her friends about Brown Girl Magic at first, but she realized there was no reason to keep it hidden in the first place.

“It’s on my Instagram… pretty much everyone knows about it,” Smith said.

Since becoming friends in the seventh grade, Mitchell and Chambers have gotten involved with the organization and really want others to know about it too.

“Her ability to adapt to her surroundings and still be comfortable with herself, it’s given me a sense of pride to know that my best friend is someone who has started an organization to promote self-worth in brown girls”

— Kameron Mitchell

,” Mitchell said.

With a bond like no other, Kia Smith, mother to M. Smith, has been a huge part of this organization. Her mom has been able to set up conferences and meet and greets with others interested in the organization.

“My mom is a big part of it, she’s the co-founder so it’s like me and her together. I’m like the speaker but she is the main person behind it really running it so she’s really supportive,” M. Smith said.

Also active in school, M. Smith is in Partners Club and also apart of Girls Going Global, where teens travel across the world to experience other cultures.

Brown Girl Magic is getting together more dates for conferences and events, to get people out in the community to join together and experience

M. Smith has fun on a partners club trip to southern belle farm, with her friend Dylan Miller, freshman. Miller and Smith work together on Student Government Association.

what some already have.


If interested in joining Brown Girl Magic, go to their website