Senior’s feel burnt out leading up to graduation


Trenton Hill

I pose with my planner filled with all my notes I took to remind myself to complete any missing and due assignments. I started using a planner sophomore year and it has helped me by showing me my week in a glance in order to help me with time management.

Gaby Holub, Social Media Editor

With the end of the year coming up, many high school seniors are getting ready to end their last year of highschool, and many are facing the common lack of motivation to do their work and finish strong.

I’ll be the first to admit “senioritis” hit me hard before spring break, and I wasn’t doing my work. Most of the time I sat on my phone and shopped for bathing suits for the break coming up.

I didn’t do my work and I faced the consequences the weeks leading up to honor grade posting

By leaving a lot of work not turned in and letting my grades dropped I had dropped many grades to 89% and 90% and was struggling with the idea that one bad grade could drop my grade to below what I needed to achieve my goal.

When I started senior year I wanted to graduate with Magna Cum Laude which requires a GPA of 3.82. Going into senior year I have a 3.64 which meant to achieve that goal I needed to somehow get a 4.0 by April 25th.

First semester passed and it was a breeze I was cruising by with low A’s and thought I was going to be fine. Teachers kept saying once spring break rolled around that all of us would check out and I thought I’d be fine.

I was wrong. Point blank I should have listened and I was wrong.

My grades tanked and I was drowning in a sea of late work, missing assignments, and my parents constant bugging me.

A month before grade posting and I hit high gear and knocked out everything. I turned in papers, retook bad test grades, and started to focus. Yes, I got my grades up to where I needed them but I shouldn’t have let it get to that point.

My advice to underclassmen is stay on track and don’t get senioritis early. It will ultimately lead you to unnecessary stress, and full on panic mode to fix grades.

Enjoy senior year but do not let that be your excuse for failing and not trying. By allowing yourself that extra time to focus on grades and create a “cushion” you won’t end up in that position as I did.