Finding the perfect gift

With mother's day up ahead, students and staff search for something meaningful to give to their mothers.


Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

Mother’s day is a day to honor mothers, reconnect with family and share love with one another. For Mother’s day many people get the usual flowers, a card and maybe even candy. This year find out what she really wants. Just as expected most moms do not anticipate anything or at least try not to.

Mothers is on Sunday, May 12 this year. Created in 1908 it was not an official U.S holiday till 1914.

“She likes homemade gifts, so we do like to make her a homemade card and it’s something that’s meaningful to her and that means the world to us,” Chandler Blanton, freshman, said.

Contributing to the holiday, Dr. Tylisa Hill, assistant principal, is also a mother and this year she wants a nice pair of nice sunglasses.  

“I want some shades, because I’ll be traveling this summer. It could be any brand but I’m really on to the Dolce and Gabbana shades, also if I could get some Chanel shades but yeah that’s what I want,” Hill said

Not only are students getting their mom’s something for Mother’s Day but so are fathers for their wives. David Shedd, principal, normally does not like shopping and needs suggestions on what to get his wife for Mother’s day. Married to his wife, Jill, for 30 years now, all she wants is for their kids to be happy and healthy as well as their granddaughter.

“She is a speech-language pathologist at Mount Carmel elementary. She works hard and has been this a long time and does a great job,” Shedd said.

Others believe Mother’s Day is a holiday that should not be celebrated and that it entails how much love moms should get for only one day each year.

“Because me and my husband have never celebrated Valentine’s day on Mothers Day, I love my mom every day, she doesn’t celebrate it either,” Chelsea McCreary, broadcasting teacher, said.

For Mother’s Day, some may enjoy brunch, massages with their moms, or even take a cooking class. But for most, it’s about the quality time that is being spent with their families and loved ones.