Seniors Serve Their Legacies


Photo Courtesy of Sydney Peterson

(left to right) Seniors, Abigail Treadwell, Kyte Small, Zoe Lipscomb and Sydney Peterson and Jessica Torres, coach, pose for a picture before a tournament. The team created a community between each of them outside of tennis.

With the Girl’s Varsity Tennis team advancing to the Sweet Sixteen state playoffs and the Boy’s Varsity Tennis team advancing to the first round of the state playoffs this year, seniors on the team ended their season along with their high school athletic career leaving a legacy to the underclassmen on the team. Some of the teammates played on the tennis team since freshman year and it leaves a more memorable impression on them.

Drew Gebhardt, senior, decided to try out for the tennis team for his senior year because he believes that senior year is the time to accomplish goals that were not done so far in their high school career and gathers memories for just one year.

“It’s a weird feeling because a lot of the memories Seth [Youmans] has, I don’t have, but it was still a good feeling being able to go out there and lead the freshmen and show them what to do,” Gebhardt said.

While he was on the team for only one year, Gebhardt learned some aspects about himself throughout the season.

It’s never too late to try something new”

— Gebhardt said.

“It’s never too late to try something new,” Gebhardt said.

Sydney Peterson, senior, enjoyed playing tennis for all four years of her high school career and also learned distinct things about herself.

“Patience. I think everyone has learned from that… I definitely suggest it for anyone. [Tennis] is so fun. People come out and are like ‘Why haven’t I played?’” Peterson said.

Among many memories of camaraderie and laughter, Peterson holds a favorite, funny moment to her heart.

“We were going to State two years ago in South Effingham. Our bus driver, Rhonda, whipped a sharp turn and I went flying into the floorboard on top of a cooler,” Peterson said.

Because the team is small, building friendships were easier among the players.

“After games and away from games, we always hang out outside of tennis and we’ve just made our little tennis community,” Peterson said.

We try to make each other the best we can be”

— Treadwell said.

Abigail Treadwell, senior, also believes the team held an incredible bond.

“This year we’ve come a lot closer. We’re kinda like sisters now. We’re traveling together. We’re working together. We’re practicing together. We try to make each other the best we can be,” Treadwell said.

Treadwell played on the team for three years and reminisces on her last moments as a Mustang.

“ [Senior year has] made it more exciting, a little bit emotional because it’s our last year… It’s really exciting because you feel like the girls that are not seniors look up to you and the new girls that have moved up to Varsity. It’s really cool,” Treadwell said.

For Seth Youmans, senior, this is his third year playing on the team as well and he took in the season day by day during senior year.

“In tough times, you just have to pull through and try to win at all costs… I had to be the leader of the team and had to be the example for all of the others,” Youmans said.

As the seniors wrapped up their final serve on the court, some expressed what they hope the underclassmen use as their tactics for their senior year.

“I hope the other guys [underclassmen] do good in the next few years because all of them are younger, so I hope they just reach their potential and do great things…… Have fun with it and not stress about everything that you do. If you lose then come back harder next time and not to put it down on yourself,” Youmans said.