Poets read at Story on the Square

Story on the Square invited three poets to read on May 21.

Maria Adams, Business Manager

Danny Caine, poet and owner of The Raven bookstore in Lawrence, Kan., along with Anna Ivey and Robert Pfeiffer, local teachers and poets, read their work, talked about their lives and inspiration at Story on the Square on May 21.

“Wilderness”, written by Ivey, discusses her family life and her general anxiety disorder. She expresses hidden emotions through her work and her steps to overcome tribulations. Whether students are readers who hide in worlds, or writers who create worlds of their own, they need access to material that will enhance their natural talents.

Maria Adams
Anna Ivey and Robert Pfeiffer answer the audience’s questions. The crowd was filled with amateur poets.

“It is super important to develop a community that is supportive of people who are creative and involved in the creative arts… Create an environment in the school where creative people feel comfortable and empowered,” Pfeiffer said.

Pfeiffer’s work from when he was younger was recently published, and, although it does not describe who he is today, his second book depicts him better.

Students can be involved in the creative arts through the Writing Center and the Writer’s Club. Some, including Thomas Cox, junior, have published work on their own while Ola’s literary magazine prints student poetry. This year’s literary magazine is now online:  https://issuu.com/henry127/docs/2019_lit_mag

“When you get ready to publish, you just have to be persistent,” Ivey said.

STEM courses have become a major focus in school because they are more reliable, but if one does not enjoy them, there are different areas they can focus on. Students who are unsure of what they want should try new things and experiment. Many have the opportunity to explore what they want to do later on in CTAE classes or to discover if they enjoy the fine arts.

Maria Adams
The crowd discusses the poetry read to them. Ivey read multiple poems from her book, “Wilderness”, and Pfeiffer recited a few from his.

Poetry tends to open people up and make people feel. As the authors tried to explain their work, it was clear to see that their poems carried deep, self-explanatory emotions.

“I think I might just let the poems speak for themselves,” Caine said.

To find out more about these authors, clink on the links below.