The Record Scratch reviews a multitude of different genres and artists in order to explore the vast world of music. (Ashley Edwards)
The Record Scratch reviews a multitude of different genres and artists in order to explore the vast world of music.

Ashley Edwards

The Record Scratch: “Lover” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift emerges from the darkness of her "Reputation" and steps into the light for her new album, "Lover".

August 30, 2019

Taylor Swift pops back after her bass-heavy, edgy, 2017 album “Reputation” was released. With her new album, “Lover”, Swift reminisces about her adolescence, recalling the heartbreak and boy troubles she encountered as a teen. Growth, a lot of emotional honesty, and a whole lot of love shines through.

While listening, I was disappointed but not surprised. I immediately assumed this album would just be another playlist you might hear while shopping at Forever 21 or Old Navy. Soon, I saw myself in the lyrics: a teenager with an addiction to daydreaming and an obsession with romance. Swift brings anyone back to their own teenage fantasies with songs like “London Boy” and “I Think He Knows”.

Swift wraps up all the awkward, anxious feelings of being a teen with a baby pink bow in these bubbly tracks. Although she is 29, Swift finds a way to be relatable to 17-year-olds like me through songs about crushes and prom dresses. I felt nostalgic for a season in my life that is only beginning in tracks like “Soon You’ll Get Better”. 

What I loved most about this album was the rawness in her lyrics. Swift is effortlessly resemblant with adolescents today, with her self-awareness in songs such as “The Archer”.  “I cut off my nose just to spite my face/And I hate my reflection for years and years,” she undeniably confesses. With blunt lyrics such as these, she connects to her “Reputation” album, just with a much lighter, vibrant tone.

The majority of the tracks remind me of Lorde’s teenage angst in “Pure Heroine” and “Melodrama”, which was also guised in pink, fluffy, cotton candy-like synths. Along with “Lover”, these albums hide deep truths in their upbeat disguises.

Although tracks like “ME!” and “You Need To Calm Down” take away from the album and seem out of place, the good definitely outweighs the bad in “Lover”. Swift taught me that heartbreak is utterly painful, love is “as cruel as the cities” one once lived in, and “saying goodbye is death by a thousand cuts”. However, it is all worth it in the end, because heartbreak, the anxiousness of talking to your crush for the first time, and all the inevitable awkwardness of our teenage years strengthen us.

Ashley Edwards
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