Softball strikes out

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019, the Varsity softball team lost to Houston County. The team learned a lot from the game and still strives for state.

Maria Adams, Business Manager

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  • The athletes hype themselves up as they warm-up before the game. The team learned more about their strengths and weaknesses in the game.

  • The JV team works hard during a game filled with dust and sweat. “Anything is possible with the right mindset,” Cash said.

  • The team cheers and applauds as their player prepares to hit the ball. The athletes encouraged the batter to hit the ball, but she ended up walking.

  • Heather Dickerson(to the left) and Morgan Sena(to the right), both seniors, warm up before the game. They competed against Houston County within the hour and loss, but the game was competitive and not an easy win for the other team.

  • The athletes, coaches, and umpires stand for the national anthem. The team provided a time for respect for the soldiers that have, are, and will protect the United States of America.

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The 2018-19 softball team prepares for another chance to compete as hard as they can in the region and hopefully state. Last year, they played at the state playoffs and did not bring home any titles, but this year they hope too. The team is placed fourth in the region and continues to work on their performance on the field.

“We are focusing on the mental game… All split-second decisions and focus on the play,” Gidget Gue, head softball coach and Ola’s athletic director, said. 

“We are focusing on the mental game… All split-second decisions and focus on the play,” ”

— Gidget Gue

The athletes will learn more about the game and how to make better choices on the field. By training the athletes with this specific method, the coaches hope to increase their chances of bringing home a trophy. State is the goal, but the competition also plays with similar talent and drive which makes every game a challenge. So far, the team has lost two region games, but they still have a chance to reach the state playoffs. 

“I hold[softball] dear to my heart because it made me who I am and my grit towards the game cannot be outmatched by anyone else,” Shealyn Starks, senior and catcher, said.

Starks has played softball for 12 years, and her experience on the field makes her a better teammate and leader. Starks works hard and has no regrets about softball because she feels as if she is a part of a bigger purpose. The team wants encouragement and hopes more fans will be at home games in the future. 

“Players really feed off the crowd when everyone is hyped up and in the game and that really helps us rally behind one another,” Madeline Cash, senior and pitcher, said.

Cash made lifelong friendships due to her love for the sport, and she relieves herself of everyday stress when she steps on the field.

“I hope one day I am able to give back to the game all that it has given me,” Cash said.

The girls bond in practice, the dugout, and bus rides. The athletes grow together and have begun to play for each other more than for a win. The last game did not leave them hopeless but instead gave guidance on improvement in the future. 

“It was a tough game to lose.We had some situations we didn’t take advantage of… We really need to work on executing with runners in scoring position,” Cash said.

The team finds strength in each other and focuses on each play with unmatched intensity. As Gue insisted, play-by-play decisions affect the game’s results, and the team will continue focusing on heading to the state playoffs.

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