TikTok Takes over Ola


Emma Alexander

Dylan Miller, sophomore, and Ethan Pangburn, sophomore, have two very different styles when it comes to creating TikTok’s. Miller does a lot of dance videos on his account while Pangburn follows the ‘e-boy’ trend and does more lip-syncing. Both styles contrast against each other and show diversity on the app.

Emma Alexander and Kortney Huggins

TikTok is a worldwide sensation used for comedic purposes. The social media app was launched in Sept. 2016 and now has over 500 million users, some right here in Ola.

Dylan Miller, sophomore, has recently hit 103.7K and has over 4.7 million likes on his account. He ‘blew’ up on a particular video where he combined some of TikTok’s most popular dances. This video gained tons of attention and now has 1.5 million videos attached to the sound.

“The inspiration for my mashup video was just from personal experiences,” Miller said.

Another local TikTok sensation at Ola is Ethan Pangburn, sophomore. Pangburn has a following of 25.4K and over 356.8K likes. Pangburn considers his biggest inspiration to be Noen Eubanks, an Ola alumni who has gained tons of TikTok fame.

“I go to Noens account and copy whatever he does, ” Pangburn said.

Eubanks has 2.1 million followers and 41.1 million likes and is most famously known for starting the ‘e-boy’ trend. Eubanks’ first ever ‘popular’ video got over 117.1K, but since then he has grown a tremendous amount. Eubanks videos now range from 200K to his highest liked video which has one million likes.

Cecila Boyd, senior, had a video on her account that gained lots of attention. Boyd, who spins and performs with the Marching Mustangs, enjoys making TikToks that are relatable to her friends and others within the color guard community. Her video related back to marching band and got over 29.1K likes on it. Prior to her most well-known video, Boyd also posted a color guard related video from band camp that received a little over 9K likes.

“I mean, the attention really didn’t change anything, it was cool because I had people direct messaging me” Boyd said.

While no one has dramatically changed from their views and likes on the trending app TikTok, students at Ola enjoy the fun aspects of it as a hobby and will continue to get use out of the platform.