New Flag Football Team Takes the Field


Ashley Edwards

The flag football team has been practicing and getting to know the game. They have been utilizing their equipment and coaching from the Atlanta Falcons.

Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Ola High has introduced a new team to the school. The all- girls flag football team, coached by Daniel Stowers, is excited to begin their journey.

The idea for the team was spawned from the Atlanta Falcons football team sponsoring and helping with equipment and coaching.

“The Atlanta Falcons is paying for uniforms for all the teams in the county and officials and the transportation,” Gidget Gue, athletic director, said.

There are currently 17 girls on the team, however, girls who are still interested are allowed to join.

“My expectations for the team this year is for the girls to get to know the game and once they get to know the game, hopefully they love it and start to get competitive,” Gue said.

Since this is the first time that all girls flag football team will be playing,the season will be short.  However, next year’s season will be longer.

“This season will be interesting because it’s a new sport. It’s hard to judge, but I know we got 17 very enthusiastic players and I think we will be okay,” Stowers said.

Laura Farmer, senior, is expecting to come out of the season with a couple wins  for their first year.

“We are all getting along the practice is going really good, but I’m most excited for playing as a team and experiencing something new,”Farmer said.

The team’s first game is Sep. 9 and it will be promoted by having all flag football teams in the county there to play.