The Pageturner: the Wizarding World of Simon Snow Must “Carry On”


Photo Courtesy of Google Images.

I did not notice who the two characters on the front were until after I read the book; nor did I anticipate their roles within the book. “Carry On” was a fun read overall, but in comparison to most of the other genres I read, the book was an outlier.

Kortney Huggins, J1 Mentor and Student Life Editor

After wandering around the school library for about 45 minutes, I hurriedly decided to give a different genre a chance since I had been heavily reading realistic fiction for a while. Filed under the ‘humor’ section and written by Rainbow Rowell, “Carry On” immediately grabbed my attention.

I started the book off strong and finished it in two days.

Upon reading the first few chapters,the book gave me Harry Potter vibes which made me enjoy the book even more.

Simon Snow, the main character, is a wizard who attends boarding school and faces the day-to-day drama of a teenage boy who also happens to be a wizard. He has his best friend, Penelope, his ex-girlfriend Agatha, and his arch enemy, Baz.

Baz and Simon develop a complex relationship, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call them friends until the ending of the book. Their relationship takes many twists and turns between the beginning and end and it became one of my favorite plots of the book.

The way that Rainbow Rowell wrote the book didn’t particularly strike me as amazing, as there aren’t many comments I have on her writing style.

However, in the creation and imagination category, she would get all my points. Many called her book a fan-fiction ‘come to life’ and that may be why I enjoyed the plot so much.

Overall, the storyline of this book has earned itself a special place in my heart because of the not-so-typical storyline, but the writing seemed to fall a bit short when compared to the characters and the challenges they faced.

I would recommend this book for Harry Potter lovers and anyone who appreciates a magical story that takes their mind off the present, but I would not label this book as one everyone has got to read.