The Writing Center Grows


Maria Adams

Westbroek uses the writing center as a quiet place to work. She worked with multiple students who have come into the writing center on improving their writing.

Maria Adams, Business Manager

On August 27, 2019, new writing gurus traveled to Kennesaw State University and worked with the university’s writing center. Ola’s writing center worked on making students feel comfortable, editing major and minor issues, and helping make stronger writers. The gurus, comprised mostly of NEHS (National English Honors Society) members and upperclassmen help students from all grades grow as writers and confidence in their writing. 

“I learned how to address people that need help but don’t know how to approach the situation as well as how to be a helper in writing instead of writing the paper for them,” Miranda Cunard, writing guru and NEHS President, said.

The gurus offer peer reviews and positive advice on how to critique their papers. The writing center’s motto is “Helping build better writers not just papers,” so the gurus focus on guiding the writer to the right answer which allows them to grow in skill. Students have one-on-one sessions with their guru. They work on bigger issues, including thesis and organization, but they also help students with smaller issues such as grammar or MLA format.

“A little community in and of itself of people brave enough to come in here and people brave enough to try to help,” Dalaney Westbroek, junior, said.

Although a writing guru herself, she asks for assistance on becoming a stronger writer. She enjoys working in the writing center, but Westbroek asks for assistance on becoming a stronger writer. 

“Students have a place to get a second opinion on papers and all them to grow from their mistakes,” Robin Lincoln-Codjoe, senior, said.

The Writing Center welcomes all types of students with coffee, snacks and a better paper. The Writing Center is located in room 124 and is open everyday from 7:45 a.m. to 8:05 a.m.