GHP Attendee Offers Advice

Mallorie Wiggins shares her experience at Governor’s Honors Program, while also giving advice to applicants.


While at GHP students have many opportunities to make new friends and spend time together. Wiggins recalls touring the Mary Hall during her free time at GHP.

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

Governor’s Honors Program is an extended learning opportunity that rising juniors and seniors are able to participate in. Once receiving nominations from their teachers or administrators, students go through extensive writing and interviewing process.

The essays and heavy workload provide the judges and staff multiple aspects of knowledge on what kind of student the applicant is, how they adhere to different topics, and how well they work with other students.  Malorie Wiggins, junior last year majored in music and minored in science, she was the only person from Ola to be accepted last year as there were many candidates throughout Henry County. 

“Probably the hardest part [about applying] was staying consistent for that long and keeping up that mentality of staying in this mindset of trying to get in and keeping my solo up to par, and keeping up with all my accomplishments,” Mallorie Wiggins, junior, said.

 While juggling grades, marching band, and her own personal time, Wiggins had to also take time to write multiple essays. 

Excited about her visit to Berry College, Wiggins reminisces about her time at GHP. Wiggins misses the friends she made at GHP and the fun memories they created.

“Stay focused don’t get distracted by other things. Also, read your essays from someone else’s perspective that would be grading or analyzing it. You need to understand how they [GHP judges] are thinking, what they are looking for because it is a very hard process,” Wiggins said.

Music is one of 14 categories GHP offers. Applying this year, Chaeli Herzler, junior, first found interest in GHP because of how much she wanted to be involved in a program that had other people with the same desire: success. Herzler wants to major in math and see where it can take her beyond Ola. This is her first time applying for this program and she is learning from it by taking the process step by step.

“Either recollecting my achievements involving my topic or being able to express my accomplishments on paper. I’m good at talking about it, but not writing it,” Herzler said.

Having the same interest as Herzler, Julia Mangual, junior, is taking this opportunity to try something new. Mangual is very interested in social studies and wants to explore her options from there.  

“My oldest sister Mary went for English and said I would enjoy it… Writing the essay is definitely the hardest part, along with keeping my grades up,” Mangual said.

Although this is a very tedious process, it also comes with a prominent learning experience for many students wanting to attend college after high school. GHP is a great way for students to learn and grow with a true college experience.