Not the Average Math Teacher


Jordan Davis

Coons’ love for quilting drives her to make more now and in the future. Coons started quilting 10 years ago and doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon.

Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Laura Coons, AP Calculus teacher and skilled quiltmaker, has been making quilts for about 10 years.

“When I was a stay-at-home-mom and a research scientist, I kept reading articles on how the United States math and science is falling behind the other countries. I just felt compelled to do something about it and because I love math,” Coons said.

Coons’ mother encouraged her to get into quilt making because Laura Coon has a “math brain” to do it. Coons has sold quilts to a company called Timeless Treasures. Coons has sold her quilts ranging from $100-$500, but she has given quilts to two students.

“I think when I retire I would like to make t-shirt quilts,” Coons said.

Jordan Davis
Along with quilting, Coons is an AP Calculus teacher and a tutor. Coons spent time after school tutoring Justin Dobbs, senior, with math homework.

Timeless Treasures recognized Coons when she participated in a contest sponsored by a fabric manufacturer in order to be published in their book.

“When I started quilting, I started buying stuff from a local company and then I started writing patterns for them first and then they referred me to a company called Timeless Treasures,” Coons said.

Along with selling her quilts to Timeless Treasures, Coons has also sold her quilts to family members and friends. Although not interested in quilting, L.Coon’s daughter, Anneliese Coons, junior, enjoys her mother’s work.

“She is really good at explaining stuff. She is very creative in her teaching and a great tutor and a teacher,”A. Coons said.