Mighty Mustangs Find Victory in Unity


Ashley Edwards

Jordyn Branson, sophomore, shows off her strength to the crowd. Branson has been apart of the Mighty Mustangs family since she arrived to Ola.

Ashley Edwards, Editor In Chief

On Monday Oct. 14, anyone could hear the exuberant roars of spectators over the spirited Ola Middle School pep band at the Mighty Mustang game. Although losing to Hampton/Luella, Ola found that unity is far more important than points on the scoreboard.

The Mighty Mustangs is a flag football team consisting of the special needs students of Ola High. They compete in games against other teams in the county throughout the football season.

Rachel McGaha, former teacher at Ola High and now full time at Success Academy, a transition program for people with disabilities, still continues to support the Mighty Mustangs.

“They get a chance to shine. It’s so much fun because they get to be the star athlete of the night,” McGaha said.

Faith Francis, sophomore and cheerleader from Hampton High School, enjoys rooting for her team from the sidelines under the Monday night lights. 

“I love it [cheerleading], it is fun. I also love dancing and use them  [her dance moves] out here,” Francis said.

The Mighty Mustangs assert having a good attitude more than anything. McGaha believes that these games are important for these students to help them with social skills later in life. 

“For us, we teach our guys a lot of good sportsmanship. A lot of times kids with special needs might not get the opportunity to play on a team and learn that concept,” McGaha said.

Randy Potter, senior, or ‘RJ’ to his peers, although saddened by the loss, learned a valuable from Monday.

“We’re a good team, we would rather be good people than be a perfect team,” Potter said.

The Mighty Mustang’s next game will be Oct. 28 at Union Grove at 6:30p.m and everyone is welcome to attend and support the team.