Pacing in the Rain : Runners find their Highs in Uplifting Season

Emma Alexander , Staff Writer

Samuel Brown, senior (left), and Kobe Powell, senior (right), both defend our title by placing 2nd (Brown) and 3rd (Powell) at regional’s despite the poor weather.

“The whole team is just one big family, we treat each other like brothers and sisters and we all have such a good time together,” Sires said.”

With the 2019-2020 cross-country season nearing its end, the team is putting in the extra hours and training to ensure they perform their best at regional’s in hopes of scoring a spot at state. 

“This year in order to prepare for regional’s, we did something new called ten man running which is a really hard training program that puts a lot of stress on the body, and breaks it down,” Torrance McGee, cross country team coach, said. 

With these new and improved training programs, the team has performed impressively and improved a lot on their running times. 

“We have several school records broken by our athletes here. This year the region has been very tight, we were in second, dropped to 4th, and came back up to third,” McGee said.

With high expectations and hope for the team, McGee encourages members to bring their A game. He has gone the extra mile to make this a memorable season and is looking forward to the turnout of regional’s this weekend.

“I’m hoping this Saturday my runners bring their best times and we come out on top to defend our title,” McGee said. 

Anticipating Saturdays competition, Nadia Sires’, freshman, has put in the extra effort to make sure she performs her strongest at Regional’s. 

“To prepare for regional’s, I’ve tried extra hard at practices and I’ve made sure to take all my vitamins, and cold baths. I also do extra core workouts on my house and I do extra practices with my out of school coach,” Sires said. 

Sires expresses that family is something she cherishes and is content with the fact that the team is a safe place for her and her fellow members.

“The whole team is just one big family, we treat each other like brothers and sisters and we all have such a good time together,” Sires said.

With family and friendship being something she values, she is confident that if the team works together and lifts each other up, the team  will see a positive outcome at the race Saturday.

Jomaro Djau, sophomore, does not let the rain stop him from leading his team in the first JV race of the morning.

With all the extra hard work and effort put in by coaches and runners, the boys team made it to state.

Despite the cold, rain, and mud on Saturday morning,  Kobe Powell, senior, finished with a personal best time and as a result, earned a medal. 

“It was a really good feeling placing 2nd after a bad day in general with the weather and everything,” Powell said.

By putting in the overtime over summer and participating in extra training, Powell has not only impressed himself, but his entire community by giving his all. 

“I do a little outside of school training, especially over the summer to prepare me for the season,” Powell said.

Regardless of the fact that only two placed at regional’s, every member went all out this season and put in the ultimate effort. This act alone is admirable and something the entire team will share forever.

“Our whole team has improved from the start, this season has been challenging, but amazing,” Sire’s said. 

Despite the fact that the team did not make it to state, it was a bittersweet ending to the season and the Ola community is proud nonetheless of the entire team and the two boys who brought home medals.