From Trace to Home Base: SGA Designs and Executes


Ashley Edwards

Ashley Wilhelm, senior, precisely paints characters from the movie “Coco,” while her friends guide her with positive reinforcement. Wilhelm’s strong will towards tidiness has helped class of 2020 in decorating this year.

Jackson Weems, Staff Writer

Part of a tradition that has been held for years, members of the Student Government Association (SGA) receive the challenge to decorate Ola’s atriums for homecoming week. Given the theme of Halloween films, each grade level was tasked to incorporate main ideas and characters from each movie into their designated atrium. 

The four different themes selected were “Nightmare Before Christmas” (freshmen), “Ghostbusters” (sophomores), “Scooby-Doo” (juniors) and “Coco” (seniors). 

“We [seniors] went through two themes [‘Coraline’ and ‘It’] before choosing ‘Coco’,”Summer Clark, senior, said.

In Ola, choosing homecoming themes is similar to asking a prisoner what her/ his last meal would be; The importance of having a unique, yet simplistic design seems to help all decorators, but once the final decision is made, it is up to the creativity and determination of each student representative to vouch for their classes ideas and make them come to life.

“We throw ideas around for a topic that we all like, then we all get together and suggest ideas for what to paint and put on our atrium walls. Then for several days we work together to paint and actually turn our ideas into reality,” Sarah Plemons, junior, said.

Rookies to the game, class of 2023 decorated their hallway with long strips of paper and cut-outs accompanying a “gothic arcadia” color palette. Having these colors in place helped capture the essence of “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and glorified the meaning of Halloween.

“I am super proud of the freshmen this year. They did really good for their first year with such few people,” Summer Clark, senator, said.

Although recent freshmen, the sophomore class underwent brief changes this year. Small staffed, class of 2022 executed their theme and produced an admirable portrayal of the all time hit movie “Ghostbusters”. Even with limited hands, their atrium managed to catch the eye of students, faculty and parents. The determination of this year’s sophomores had been unmatched from their previous year.

“We did much better than last year. We prepared and came in before the time to decorate and made wall decor and paintings. We also had meetings every Tuesday to decide where to place each of our decorations,” Mikaela Smith, sophomore, said.

Meanwhile, juniors, with a larger staff, constructed a vivid interpretation of “Scooby-Doo.” With colors as drab as black, to hues as bright as a spring meadow, the contrast played an illustrious role in what made passerbys glance at the well decorated atrium. 

“Everyone gets caught up with the people they have classes with, so having to get together and decorate gives us the chance to see more people in our grade,” Plemons said.

Like others, seniors always get the short end of the stick. From losing hope and a positive work ethic, senior year can make a strike in one’s life. Not for the class of 2020 though; their undying hunger for creativity helped guide them to making shrewd decisions and coming up with an ostentatious design. 

“We try to create a story or highlight what we [seniors] want people [fellow students] to remember,” Clark said. 

Clark’s statement stood true and seniors found a way to say “Adios” with their theme of “Coco”. Leaving big expectations behind, future years will have to live up to the senior reign of dedication and diligence needed to be reinstated.