“Country-club” and “Country-side” Coincide With Ease


Jackson Weems

Although on opposing sides Kaylee Moss (left) and Amariah Jackson (right) showed school spirit and dressed up for the theme.

Jackson Weems and Jordan Davis

New to Homecoming week, Ola’s Student Government Association and Ola’s faculty created a new day. Country-side versus Country-club allows students to get innovative with their style of clothing for the day. All around campus, students walk, skip, and have photo shoots dressed in their diverging apparel.

Our “country-clubbers”, mostly wearing knee high socks, skirts, long-sleeve shirts and sweaters tied around the neck strutted the halls with friends. Throughout Homecoming week, socializing with fellow students is key. 

Meanwhile, the “country-side” students make sure they are equipped with their overalls, boots, flannels and camo shirts. Wearing this allows each grade to exit their comfort zone and show school spirit.

Even with a small percentage of participants, “Country-side” vs “Country-club” was a hit.