Homecoming Dance Was a Breath of Fresh ‘Scare’


Isabella Chapman

Paris Rudeseal, senior, juniors McCleland Idaewor and Phoebe Swilley, Jordyn Coleman, sophomore, and Natalie Head, freshman spent time away from marching band and enjoyed their night dancing. “My favorite part was being with my friends and spending time with each other in different ways than we usually are around each in like marching band,” Idaewor said.

Isabella Chapman, A&E Assistant Editor

Homecoming week came to an end with the biggest ball of them all, the homecoming dance, held on Oct. 26. Since it was so close to Halloween, the dance had a ‘spooky’ theme. Everyone came dressed up and danced the night away to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Freshmen, just finishing their first full homecoming week, did not know what to expect, as homecoming is very different from any other dance they have been to.  Sophomores and juniors showed up and out with their stunning dance moves and outfits. 

Seniors had a fun night filled with memories as this is their last homecoming dance. Seniors Zachry Aaron and Lynzie Lyle, Homecoming King and Queen, danced and enjoyed their time as the monarchs of homecoming. Landon Knight, junior, crowned sweetheart enjoyed her ranking this year, as last year she was apart of the royal escort. 

Memories from homecoming night were shared between friends of all grade levels. Everyone came together to have a blast at the dance that turned all heads. This year’s homecoming brought together people from different groups to have fun and enjoy a night away from the stress of school.