Summing It Up: Sizemore Greets Teacher of the Year With a Smile


Emma Alexander

With a contagious smile like his, Sizemore never fails to lift someone’s mood or light up any room he enters.

Emma Alexander , Staff Writer

A school renowned teacher, Charles Sizemore, who teaches geometry for sophomores and is admired by teachers and students, was elected as teacher of the year here at Ola High. 

“I was very honored that the teachers selected me as teacher of the year,” Sizemore said.

 Before coming to Ola, he worked at an alternative school in Griffin and at Lamar County High School. 

Although Sizemore is new, his values are the same and his main goal is to make math enjoyable and be someone his students can confide in.

“I like to show students math is interesting and that there’s order and organization in it. I always want my students to know that I care about them and I’m always there” Sizemore said. 

As much as he loves teaching geometry, being around students all day brings him just as much joy as they keep him young.

“Spending time with teenagers [brings me joy]. They are fun to be around and it’s always interesting. It’s neat seeing people grow up and turn into responsible young adults, it’s very rewarding” Sizemore said. 

Although he loves being around teenagers all day, he understands they can get a little off task and most can lose interest quickly. To prevent this, he offers a more hands-on teaching method to keep the class exciting.

“I try many teaching methods. I let students discover things that work for them. Sometimes I stand up and teach, and then sometimes we use dry erase boards, work in partners. I like to keep it interesting,” Sizemore said. 

Apart from working in the classroom, he can be found working diligently on obtaining his doctorate degree in math education, or even participating in martial arts. 

“I’m working on my doctorate, second degree in math education. It takes a lot of my time so I count it as a hobby. I also do Brazillian Jiu Jitsu” Sizemore said. 

… someone you want to be around, someone that puts you in a good mood. He always has a smile on his face”

— Liz Lockridge

Not only do his students admire him, but his colleagues do as well. His constant acts of kindness never go unnoticed, especially by Elizabeth Lockridge, English teacher.

Working for 4 years together on the Student Government Association (SGA) shaped their friendship tremendously. Lockridge is blown away every day with Sizemore’s positive attitude and contagious smile.

Emma Alexander
Brody Ward, senior, is being assisted with a math problem. Sizemore does everything in his power to ensure his students meet their goals and receive help needed.

“Mr. Sizemore is very vivacious, someone you want to be around, someone that puts you in a good mood, he always has a smile on his face. If you want it and he has it, it’s yours. He’s not only a great colleague but a great friend as well,” Lockridge said. 

Lockridge is not only impressed with Sizemore’s consistent positive attitude, but his relationship with teaching and students. 

“He is that teacher that will bend over backwards for his students. He has come in on weekends, during the Christmas break for his students. He will go out of his way for the student, even if they are undeserving,” Lockridge said. 

Lockridge’s admiration for his teaching ability and relationships with students only deepens every day. Sizemore never fails to leave her in awe with his love for teaching.

“I admire the dedication he has for teaching and his students. It’s tremendous. He is always so understanding of the students and what they might be going through that day. If they are having a bad day, he takes that into consideration” Lockridge said. 

Even with the overflowing love he has for teaching in itself, the most rewarding part of his job is watching his students, even the ones who struggled the most, graduate at the end of the year. 

“A proud moment as a teacher is watching the students walk across the stage, and [knowing] that students know I look out for them” Sizemore said.