Mustangs Advance to State Playoffs


Ashley Edwards

The cheerleaders line up to ‘kick off’ the football team. The girls were eccentric all night in lifting not only the football team’s spirit, but spectators as well.

Ashley Edwards and Maria Adams

As the Friday night lights shone down on Ola High’s stadium for the last varsity football home game of the season, eccentric spectators cheered on the Mustangs in hopes of making it to the State Playoffs. In a tough battle against Eagle’s Landing, the Mustangs won a close game of 27-26 on Nov. 8.

Since the last game against Jones County on Nov. 1, the team faced a lot of hardships. Along with a loss of 23-14, Dillon Scott, #14, and wide receiver was rushed to the hospital after a player from the opposing team collided with his ribs. Now, with a grade four laceration to his spleen, seven bruised ribs, and a torn ligament in his shoulder, Scott is out for the season and  done with football for good.

“I don’t want to risk my life, I’d rather walk when I’m older,” Scott said.

Although the Mustangs lost a player and a game last week, they continued to be resilient. In the first half, the Mustangs immediately scored a touchdown causing the crowd to roar with excitement. At the end of the second quarter, the score was a close 14-12, worrying the spectators. To ease the suspense, the Marching Mustangs marched onto the field to perform their show “True North” for the last time.

Roddy Ndhombuo, sophomore and Eagle’s Landing player #32, kicks the ball to start off the second half of the game. The scoreboard read guest with 12 points and home with 14 points. In roughly seven minutes, Ola made a touchdown and received the extra point. 

Ola students rang their bell in victory believing that game would be another win, yet Eagle’s Landing also made a touchdown in the third quarter changing the score to 19 guests to 21 home. The game became even more intense as the night continued. 

“If we can pull of this game, it will be the first time in history that Ola has won seven games in a season,” Gidget Gue, athletic director, said. 

Eagle’s Landing scored another touchdown in the third quarter due to the interception of the ball by Antoine Johnson Jr., senior and player #6. The scoreboard read 26 points for guest and 21 points for the home team. 

Karl Kennedy, senior and player #31, scored the final touchdown with eight minutes left in the game. Ola won the game by a point.
The seniors celebrated another win that will lead them to the state playoffs. Some of the seniors, including Chandler Durham, Hunter Kuntz and Bailey Sanders, are planning to play football in college, and colleges are recruiting them. The state playoffs will be taking place this Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 at Ware County; everyone is encouraged to come and support the team.