“After” Emits More Than Just Romance


Passionate as this love story is, "After" creates a visual and emotional experience. This movie was definitely worth the watch.

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

Everyone has seen those cliche college/ high school party movies where everyone is suddenly in love, and alcohol gets passed around like candy on Halloween. However, “After” follows more than just the Sunday morning hangover and goes beyond expected as some may say. 

What started with an embarrassing truth turns into a steamy dare as protagonist Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford, instantly gets drawn into the action at her first college party. With a naive personality such as her own, after interacting with thought-provoking Hardin Scott who is played by Hero Finnes-Tiffin, she begins to break her promises to her mom and high school boyfriend that she will focus on school. Tessa comes to find the deeper parts of Hardin as they seek attention from each other continuing after their first interaction. 

 Advancing throughout the movie, Jenny Gage, director, includes small intimate details that hopeless romantics like myself enjoy. One of my favorite things that was shown in the movie was the way that Tessa didn’t immediately fall for Hardin. 

Agitative to Tessa at first, Hardin becomes an intriguing new part of her college life. She is willing to explore dangerous boundaries with him disregarding the heartache she causes with her boyfriend and mom.

 I believe the emotional connection they both initially have with each other is what really drives each scene together. As brutally honest as he is, Hardin is from London and really charms Tessa as he speaks intellectually of love, peace, and silence. 

I feel as if some scenarios were kind of expected between the two of them and Hardin’s friends. She never got really close to his friends as she was to him with that being said, things happened and secrets were kept. 

As most of us know, all good things must come to an end. In a somewhat expected turn of events, viewers are able to see the negatives to the relationship that they have formed.  

Jedea Cook
After is becoming one of Netflix’s top movies of 2019. Most people that have seen “After” have had mixed reviews on the movie.

Some may call it ‘toxic love’ when you can be at the highest satisfaction in a relationship but just crumble with the thought of what your emotions can really do to you. I could really see how effortlessly they fell in love and how the downfall of everything her mom warned her of happened. In between the conversion of affection, reassurance, and orbitary events, I was able to see the hot and cold flourishing throughout the pan of their relationship.“Complicated” by Olivia O’Brien is played during the movie and it smoothed everything out that lead me to understand the downfall of her feelings for Hardin. 

After seeing this movie multiple times, I came to the conclusion that it’s definitely not for everybody. I would have to say that “After” did not reach all of my expectations but actually created a sense of thinking that relationships, communication, and vulnerability are not something to be afraid of but to be thankful for.

The ending still has me wondering where they will pick up off of. Now that it’s “After”, what’s next?

Rating: 8/10