How To Survive Holiday Road Trips

Driving to visit family is one of many beloved holiday traditions, but sometimes they can be the most stressful part of your vacation.


Maria Adams

Students travel thousands of miles to visit far away family or strengthen bonds with immediate family in exotic places. These trips created memories that will last a lifetime.

Maria Adams, Business Manager

Maria Adams
When taking long trips, you must remember to check your car and make sure certain things are up to date, including windshield wipers, oil change, tire pressure. Many people crashed because of heavy rain, snow or ice last year, and the amount of drivers increased on the road last holiday season.

Too many family members scrunched into a car that has gotten way too small with all the luggage packed inside. Driving to visit family can be worse than eating your aunt’s mysterious fruitcake.

Some of the problems with family road trips are that everyone is a little hungry and no one can agree on the music. Maybe your parents took away technology, so you have nothing to do! Whether it is two hours or 20, many despise long car rides with their family, but hopefully, if you follow along, you might begin to have a merry holiday drive.

Maria Adams
With only a few years left before students leave to travel the world, go to college, or join the military, many parents cling on to the last few vacations left with their children. Many holiday trips of yesterday have allowed parents to watch their children grow up and, no matter children’s age, as will those to come.

The first thing is to make sure no one goes hungry. Snacks are great, but it stinks when crumbs get everywhere, so try bringing crumb-free snacks. Also, stay away from sugary snacks, including candy. Additionally, you can freeze drinks for ice packs to save room.

It is extremely difficult to be in a car with your family for hours, so, to make the trip more enjoyable, take a lot of breaks. Plan to stop every three hours because people need to use the restroom, but you might also want to stretch your legs. State parks are a great place to enjoy nature and a safe place for you to get in some exercise. You burn off the extra energy and might even see some cool creatures.

One of the best ways to make it through a drive is to stay distracted. Books are always fun, easy and manageable, but you could bring other things in case you are prone to getting carsick, including audiobooks and hand-held games. Classic Disney songs are a fun way to get the whole family involved, but moderns music artists, like Beyonce, Post Malone and Ed Sheeran, create a fun time for windows-down-and-heat-high singing. You have to be careful not to distract the driver, but it still can be a fun ride.

Murphy’s Law, if these can go wrong, they will, can not be stopped, but you can be prepared. You can create a little first aid kit. Pack bandages, ibuprofen, bacintrancin, baby wipes, hard candy, EpiPens, and daily medicines are some of the basics to have when traveling. You also should let someone know where you are for safety reasons. If you get in a car accident, you want someone to check on you and call.

When driving for multiple hours, you need to stop because of bathroom breaks, food/drinks, or need to stretch legs. Eddie Adams, my brother, and I discovered an interesting piece of art along the Tennessee Riverwalk.

The holidays are all about spending time with those you love, so make the journey fun and memorable. Leave comments about how you create a relaxing car ride.