Students Believe They Will Thrive Under New Amendment

Most students gratefully welcome testing-policy amendment.

Payton DiSario

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Payton DiSario

While both AP exams and EOC’s are useful, they test students in nearly opposite ways. “I have no idea why people used to have to take both [the EOC’s and AP exams]. They’re two completely different kinds of tests. [The AP exam] is really hard and makes you think and the [EOC’s] just recap the year. So it’s like are you able to go into detail? Or did you just glance over your notes?” Fowler said.

For years, advanced placement (AP) students have studiously prepared for their subject’s AP exam all year long, only to be forced into yet another testing environment over simpler content to take an end of course test (EOC). For years, students have grumbled and muttered their concerns to no avail, until now. 

Recently, the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) amended their EOC testing policy so that it no longer requires students enrolled in AP or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses to additionally take the EOC’s. The majority of students felt ecstatic. 

I am very, very happy that I don’t have to take any EOC’s because I have to take [AP exams] anyways… I have no idea why people used to have to take both,” Chandler Fowler, junior, said. 

While this is the first year that the policy affects Fowler and he has nothing to compare the change to, seniors in AP classes that had to endure double-testing last year are also grateful for the revision. Regan Zakrewski, senior, for example, can not wait to only focus on her AP macroeconomics exam, rather than stressing over an EOC as well. 

“I’m really just relieved. I’m glad that the change is being made so that students don’t have to feel the stress of three major tests for one class, especially the juniors that load up on AP classes like I did,” Zakrewski said. 

Most AP students at Ola High School appreciate the altered policy— and for good reason. Even teachers recognize its benefits, especially those who reap them first-hand.

“It’s a relief from the stress of having to take another test that was, in my opinion, pointless… It was just an unnecessary hoop for them to jump through,” Jeff Burns, AP United States history teacher, said. 

Beyond a disdain for needless testing, many students felt as though the original policy nearly resembled an unwarranted punishment. 

It was just an unnecessary hoop for them to jump through,”

— Jeff Burns

“AP tests are for AP students and the EOC’s are for students in regular. It wasn’t fair that just because a student was in a harder class they had to be tested more,” Fowler said. 

Although the excessive EOC will be removed, another, possibly more difficult test will take its place: the dreaded final. Many teachers accepted the EOC grade as the final exam grade so, in place of it, those teachers will need to give a final. 

“The final will be a better reflection of an advanced class and what [AP students] learned over the course of the year,” Burns said. 

Inevitably, this concerned some students and forced them to question how they really felt about this policy. Seniors reminisced on their junior days in which, after their AP exam, they had nothing left to worry about. 

“Our teachers just put the EOC grades in for our finals so it was more like a grade-booster than anything else,” Lynzie Lyle, senior, said. 

Some seniors, like Zakrewski, cast their concerns out the window, as they had already experienced taking an AP exam, EOC and final all for one class. Other students simply accepted the challenge for the sake of excluding the even-more-dreaded EOC from their yearly routines.

“There’s a little bit more pressure now that the finals are on a harder level. Since we’ve been preparing for the AP test already all year though, I feel like it will be great practice and I can get a lot of studying in,” Riley Theophile, junior, said.

While this amendment may be a big change, most AP teachers will not change how they teach nor will their students change their work ethic, they do have an AP exam to prepare for after all. The majority of Ola’s students met the GaDOE’s amendment with brief gratitude before bringing their attention back to their books and continuing to strive in their studies.