Walker Writes From His Heart


Luke is looking forward to writing more books in the future and start a career as an author. Luke started writing the book unofficially his freshman year.

Jordan Davis, Staff Writer

Luke Walker, senior, has published a book titled “The Eternal Sunset”. Walker has been working on the book since the end of his freshman year.

“Really I was not sure what to title it and I thought about the light and dark parts in my life and I thought of the title and ran with it,” Walker  said.

Walker started to put all of his work on one document and by the end of the ninth grade he realized how much of his poetry he had. Walker decided to begin the publishing process of his story.

 “I realized I had a lot of poetry there and so I figured that I always want to publish something and it was work that I was proud of so I figured I would continue on and write a book about it,” Walker said.

Walker put all of his work of poetry together in the 11th grade. Then he sent his book in for copyright.

“Well I have always been a writer. I have always loved to tell stories and always been good at expressing how I feel… poetry ended up being my medium that I used and fell in love with,” Walker said.

Luke Walker writes his book,a collection of poems and short stories “I thought about the light and dark parts in my life,” Walker said.

Valerie Withers, AP literature and composition teacher, would describe Walker as a very intelligent, articulate student.

“I was pretty excited for him because that is a large undertaking and it takes a lot of effort at such a young age,” Withers said.

McKenzie Simmons, senior, is planning to buy the book and thinks Walker has so much potential as an author. Withers plans to  help Walker whenever he needs it with encouragement or advice.

“I was excited because not a lot of kids start writing poetry at his age and I knew he was really good at it. I was a bit skeptical at first when he said he was going to get it published because not a lot of kids at his age gets published,”Simmons said.