Musicians Present Holiday Harmonies

The fine arts music program hosted a full orchestra holiday concert Tuesday night, at the Henry County Preforming Arts Center.


Manson directed Festive Fanfare the very opening of the concert with some of the advanced band and orchestra students. He's been the band director here at ola For 13 years.

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

What started with jazz band playing some Christmas tunes in the lobby, ended with the choir, band, and orchestra creating melodies of holiday music and sing along songs for their annual full orchestra concert. Todd Manson, band director, Jamie Mcdonald, assistant band director, Jennifer Bain, orchestra director, and Mindy Forehand, choral director, director each lead the groups in songs like Hallelujah, Festive Fanfare, and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with a book reading by David Shedd, Principal. 

Each group did a phenomenal job transitioning on and off stage, showing good concert etiquette while others were performing. Being in band myself it was different to be sitting out in the audience and actually not performing, but at the same time, I really enjoyed it. 

Kyndal Nowell, freshman, plays trombone in class band and baritone in marching band. She was one of very little freshmen playing at the concert tuesday night.

Supporting my peers and getting to see how their hard work paid off and affected everyone in the audience was very heartwarming. The way the violins blended with the band at the end of Festive Fanfare was incredible. I was at a loss for words by the time they finished and even more shocked to see how the chorus sounded with them altogether. Just closing my eyes and really taking it in I felt as if I was listening to the background music of a Hallmark movie.

A group of four girls in a saxophone quartet called “The Ladies of Ola” performed a song featuring each of their instruments qualities big, small, loud, and soft. The work and time each student put into this concert was so worth the chills I got from every performance. From the time I came in to sit down and got up to leave, I was on the edge of my seat just excited for the next one and the next one. I was nervous I wouldn’t enjoy the concert, but I was really shocked how much of it I did t was a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit.

The full orchestra concert was an amazing experience to be able to see every aspect of the band, choir, and orchestra altogether.