The Record Scratch reviews a multitude of different genres and artists in order to explore the vast world of music. (Ashley Edwards)
The Record Scratch reviews a multitude of different genres and artists in order to explore the vast world of music.

Ashley Edwards

Harry Styles’s “Fine Line” Redefines Pop-Rock

December 16, 2019

From appearing on the X-Factor in 2010, to being apart of one of the most influential boy bands of our generation, to now thriving on his solo career, Harry Styles is breaking new ground with his art. Styles released his sophomore album on Friday, Dec. 13 driving people everywhere, including myself, into pure excitement. 

Styles describes his album as being about “having sex and feeling sad.” according to the Rolling Stone. Not only did he deliver with this description, but also added ten times more. “Fine Line” is about finding yourself, learning to be content with loneliness (or learning to pretend being content), and “Treat[ing] People With Kindness”. Styles does all of this with alluring choruses and  fluctuating between melancholy, slow-paced beats to up-beat, gleeful tunes.

One of my favorite aspects of this album is Styles’s ability to guise sad songs in joyful tones, like in “To Be So Lonely”, where he is essentially letting go of someone he cares about. This is especially heard in “Treat People With Kindness”, one of the peppier songs on the album, in which it slows down to say “And it’s just another day, and if our friends all pass away, it’s okay”. After this spine-tingling line, that totally caught me off guard, the jovial chorus starts back up, exclaiming “Maybe we can find a place to feel good”.  Besides the fact that he is and always has been a heartthrob to many, most of the slower tracks like “Fine Line” are definitely tear jerkers. His musical genius is emotional and chilling in all the best ways possible.

Ashley Edwards
Harry Styles’s “Fine Line” redefines the pop-rock genre while pulling inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, and more.

Styles’s inspirations were legends Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie which is apparent in the mystical, psychedelic sound of this album. His influences can definitely be heard in the rustic, campfire vibes of “Canyon Moon”, the angelic harmonies of “Golden”, and the silky-smooth rock of “She”.

When thinking of my absolute favorite, “Sunflower, Vol. 6” takes the cake. You just can’t help but smile when hearing the sweet lyrics “Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor”, and the bubbly electric guitar. The track describes the feeling of sun-kissed skin on a summer day or rolling down a soft, lush, grassy hill in the middle of May. 

Overall, this album is some of Styles’s best work so far. “Fine Line” is versatile, refreshing, and knows what it wants to be. This album will have one jumping around of pure happiness one second and tearing up searching for tissues in the next. Every single track is a piece in this beautiful, complex, masterpiece of a puzzle. 


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