College Committed Athletes Step Into New Beginnings

Patrick Holloman and Shealyn Starks: two college bound athletes that are currently committed and ready for the next step after high school.


Holloman and Starks both have been playing sports since they were five. Both committed to these colleges prepared to work hard and do their best.

Jedea Cook, Assistant Opinions Editor

Two students with some of the same passions but different goals take a look at what is instore for them after highschool. Shealyn Starks and Patrick Holloman, seniors, have committed to colleges for sports they have both played since they were little. The two sports are alike, but in the eyes of an athlete, it is a different ball game.

Starks has played softball for an ongoing 13 years and has committed to The University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia.

“It was a whole process. So I went to a camp and they noticed me and they said, ‘We’re going to further you and communicate with you,’ and eventually they put an offer together and offered me. Of course I got looked at by other schools and the discussion was really hard, but I decided that this was the best fit for me,” Starks said.

Shealyn Starks
Starks lives in the moment as she gets ready to make new memories at the University of Charleston. Starks danced when she was little before deciding to focus on softball.

Holloman is committed to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia for baseball. He has been playing for an ongoing 13 years as well and enjoys being able to go out and play and compete everyday.

“My recruiting process was pretty cool. Just very blessed to have the opportunity I have to play baseball at the next level,” Holloman said.

Many athletes have extra curricular activities or something else they enjoy doing outside of sports and school. When it comes to going into highschool and planning for college, being an athlete, it’s rare when they can actually do something that they have time for.

Holloman, takes school seriously especially since being involved in sports. He signed for The University of Georgia this year with friends and family.

“College softball, it’s definitely going to be tough since its year round and not like school ball where it’s just one season and you can focus on school work after the season is over. For me, obviously it’s going to be go to practice go back to the dorms and get homework done, definitely can’t procrastinate,” Starks said.

Managing time will be different with transitioning from being in highschool, to a whole new environment with a lot of new responsibilities. Looking back on their last year of high school it is going to be strange but the future in front of them is holding so much more for them.

“I’m going to miss high school, It’s going to be hard stepping on the field one last time with all my friends on the field in front of my hometown. But juggling baseball and school is going to be hard but I just have to stay focused and work as hard as I can,” Holloman said.

Adjusting is one thing everyone goes through no matter the situation. Both Starks and Holloman are looking forward to college life and the new experiences that comes with it.