Ola Compares Music Type Choices

Students decide which they prefer: records or digital?


Kortney Huggins

Music provides not only entertainment for listeners, but also a break from everyday life. “A lot of the artists I listen to are very expressive through their music,” Washington said.

Kortney Huggins, J1 Mentor and Student Life Editor

Many trends from the 1980s and even a few from the 1970s have begun to resurface in current trends among today’s youth. One of the primary “comeback” styles is the use of record players and vinyls.

According to Rolling Stone, 2019 is the first time in over 30 years that vinyls are expected to outsell CDs.

“I enjoy records more just because they sound nicer in my opinion and the aesthetic is pleasing… It’s not that I don’t enjoy it [digital music], I only use it because it’s easier than using a record. It’s just more convenient,” Eryn Durr, junior, said.

The reasons one may enjoy records and vinyls more than on a phone differ from person to person. Some people enjoy the high-quality sound of the record player over the compressed sounds listeners receive when using a cell phone. Others enjoy listening to music from their phone due to the fact that is all in one place and portable.

“[I enjoy digital music] because it’s literally right there in my hand and I can listen to my music in less than a second,” Faith Washington, freshman, said.

Due to increased use of things like CD’s and the ever-growing world of technology, the use of vinyls and record players faded it out toward the mid-to-late eighties. Though there are a few faithful listeners and stores that have stuck out the decrease in popularity and remain as they become popular again.

“I mean, I think it’s because that style is coming back. So everyone wants to get with the ‘vibe’ and stuff,” Durr said.

With the holidays fast approaching and loved ones wanting to shower their families with gifts, there is no doubt that vinyls are on many wish lists.

I enjoy records more just because they sound nicer in my opinion and the aesthetic is pleasing,”

— Eryn Durr

According to Reddit, records used to cost only about ten dollars. Now they can range anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars. If a record is original (from the eighties) the seller can charge more which then leaves the price up to them.

“My grandfather had one [record player] that broke, but he kept the records. So my dad got them and my mom and I are going to get him one for Christmas to play them on,” Tyler Poss, senior, said.

To download a song nowadays, it typically costs about a dollar or two per song. Downloading an album usually costs the listener about ten dollars. So with prices in mind, many music enthusiasts tend to allow themselves the best of both worlds.

“There’s a record store in Little Five [Points] called Criminal Records. And when I go on vacation I always get them from little stores and shops. I got some from my grandma that she used to have, and I got some of my mom’s old ones,” Durr said.

Despite having changing speculations for the best way to appreciate music, most music enthusiasts can agree that no matter the listening device, music is an appealing way to relax the mind and ease the soul.