Injustice of Women at Award Shows


Emma Alexander and Ashley Edwards

Over the years, women continue to be discriminated against. Although the talent between both genders is equal, Male artists are often praised more than women.

Emma Alexander, Staff Writer

Each year, music fans tune in to see their favorite artists perform at the annual Grammy Awards. The 62nd ceremony aired on Sunday, January 26th. The show featured popular artists including Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X. 

It didn’t take long for fans to use social media to voice their opinions about the lopsided representation. 

Since 2013, a grand total of 90.7 percent of the award show winners were male, leaving only 9.3 percent female according to singer Janelle Monae. This comes as no surprise considering women have always been looked down upon in the industry.

Similar to many popular award shows, Our Fine Arts department faces the same issues with gender equality. 

¨At this level in drama you have fewer guys which means they are more recognized. So those guys that do get the opportunity to perform tend to get rewarded more than the women despite how much effort they put into it¨ Meggie Edwards, drama teacher said.

After last year’s conflict with only one woman winning solo artist, the award show came under fire. Although Billie Eilish swept four major awards, there is a viral clip of her saying “Don’t be me,” when getting announced for her final one. This is a prime example of women consistently being expected to downplay their achievements and to fear judgement of the media.

Guys that do get the opportunity to perform tend to get rewarded more than the women despite how much effort they put into it,”

— Meggie Edwards

Many thought this year would be an opportunity for the show to redeem itself but, instead it continues to battle gender inequality. This also applies to women not getting the same opportunities as men when it comes to performing at the show.

“Every year is different, we can’t have a performance from every nominee — we have over 80 categories, so we have to realize that we’ve got to create something that has balance, and so on and so forth. And what you saw was our best judgment of how to do that,” Neil Portnow, president of the Recording Academy, said in response to the backfire.

Taylor Swift missed yet another year of the award show. After her last appearance being in 2016, she supposedly had a ‘secret’ performance planned but canceled last minute due to filming “Cats”.

Despite various efforts, the award show has managed to alienate a large amount of the R&B and rap artists and it now seems, the female artists too. 

After not attending the award show last year, fans feel strongly that Ariana Grande, after being nominated for five Grammys, was “snubbed” of her well deserved recognition and was even shouted out by Billie Eilish, who claimed that Grande should have received the award for Album of the Year. 

That being said, the award show claims to try and diversitize the show but never manages to pull through. In an updated report of the Billboard’s Hot 100 list for the last seven years, over the total of 633 songs, only 17.1 percent of the artists were females. 

¨It’s the writing, the directing. That’s where women are struggling to get recognized¨ Edwards said.

With females constantly overlooked and shamed for their achievements, the award show seems to be a hotspot for the critics to rave about everything done wrong. Every year the show seems to drown itself with drama, we can only wait and see what unfolds in years to come.