Valentine’s day: Unmet Expectations


Jedea Cook

Having a broken heart is one thing that most teenagers can relate to. In our past our fantasies were misleading to our present realities.

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

As teenagers, we tend to have  high expectations for Valentine’s day  without realizing our reality.  

Being in high school, August revolves around Friday Night Lights, October comes with late night dates at the fair, and January is a fresh new beginning. Then there’s February, and of course that’s when everyone seems to have plans and intentions of who they will be spending their Valentine’s day with. 

 I remember in elementary school Valentine’s Day always meant staying up late the night before making sure everyone in my class got a special treat, then coming home the day of and getting a fluffy stuffed animal from my dad. I watched my mom get Shari’s Berries delivered to her office because my dad knew just what to get her.

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Shari’s Berries are most popular around this time with their variety of sweet treats. My mom would share them with my sisters and I whenever she got them.

I never had any other expectations of Valentine’s Day until starting middle school. My friends started dating and I only received   a lollipop with a card. In the sixth grade I saw an eighth grader get a kitten from her boyfriend that she had been dating for almost a year. Thinking about it now, how are we as kids supposed to differentiate between “love” and “like”?

Growing up I always watched romance movies. I found it reassuring to know that one day that could be me going out to dinner with the guy of my dreams. Although I am thankful for the fantasy it offered my younger self, it now leaves me disappointed. 

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The holiday originated in Roman festival of Lupercalia in mid February. Natives would celebrate the arrival of spring and men would be guaranteed a woman for the night.

I tried not to set expectations for myself because I knew they would just fail. Looking back I feel as if I never got the chance to see the real side of things. In the movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” Lara Jean contemplates her love life, “So much of love is chance. There’s something scary and wonderful about that,”.That gave me confidence to know that I am content with how things are, even though some of my past expectations are not the same anymore 

 Though my reality cannot help itself, I find myself still in awe of romance.