Ola Diagnosed With a Detrimental Virus

Students catch a virus that corrupts generations and devalues education.


Maria Adams

Honesty might be the only cure to this corrupting virus. We contaminated multiple generations through societal norms.

Maria Adams, Managing Editor

Like most high schools, Ola has an epidemic and this disease corrupts the morals of our school. The ‘cheater virus’ infects Ola. Students may not even be aware they have contracted the “cheater virus” because the latent strains of the virus became a part of the societal norm.

One of the most common strains of the virus is copying homework. The goal of homework is to increase students’ understanding. Ideally, students should be more concerned about the effects of not doing the homework than the grade. Cheating devalues education. Students lose the opportunity to increase their knowledge because it is power.

Maria Adams
Students cheat on homework, but they do not feel the long-lasting consequences yet. Students infected others with a virus that leads to destructive consequences.


Working together to learn and sharing answers are not the same. One is learning; the other is cheating. We can blame teachers and say that they should make original worksheets and pay attention to similar answers, but who is this harming? Them or us? Baseball players do not just watch people bat. They have to put in the work to reap the reward.

Besides decreasing the value of our education, cheating has become so common that we find it acceptable. Many students believe it is wrong to cheat on tests, but they can easily do it and get away with it, including hiding phones or opening a second tab to search for answers. Even though teachers can employ GoGuardian, students still find ways to go around it. We need to work on becoming a society that believes the ends do not justify the means. We need to have the grit to accomplish assignments with integrity.

There is never an acceptable excuse for cheating, but our society does tell us that perfection is required. Many students struggle with mental health issues from the pressures placed on us. However, we must overcome our fear of failing and just give our best effort.

Teachers have two options to punish students for cheating, according to Ola’s administration. They may write the student up and let them retest with a new test or give the student a zero in the grade book and no write up. However, these consequences have not stopped students.

Working together to learn and sharing answers are not the same. One is learning; the other is cheating.”

— Maria Adams

We might not want to ruin our school’s reputation, but the first step is to say that there is a problem. Some teachers are asking for more work to be shown, using plagiarism finders, and having students put their phones away for test. These steps have limited cheating, but it is still an epidemic that is corrupting future generations.