Literary Magazine Solicits Submissions

Students have the option to send original photographs, writing, or art to be published in “Coalescence” for the 2019-20 school year.


Lori Vincent

Griffin Sheffield helps students improve their pieces before submission. He received multiple submissions but hopes for more.

Maria Adams, Managing Editor

Ola’s 2019-20 literary magazine, “Coalescence”, wants original pieces of writing, art or photography from students and faculty. This year, the theme is unchained; students discuss overcoming obstacles and circumstances that brought them down. 

“I felt like it was something that high schoolers could relate to, and it could be used to uplift people who need to hear that other people are going through the same or similar situations that they are,” Griffin Sheffield, senior and editor, said. 

Sheffield believes that everyone who submits their creations is a part of the staff. Multiple students have submitted their work this year and hopefully, more will do so by the deadline in February or March(to be decided). Students have the opportunity to win awards for their writing and will receive recognition from students and faculty. “Coalescence” allows students to express themselves and develop a passion. Sheffield is looking for a unique type of work that has a deeper meaning.

“[I want art, writing or photography] that is able to achieve maturity and comment on something at the same time,” Sheffield said.

The literary magazine provides a safe place for students to explore different techniques as writers. If you would like to submit your writing, visit the following websites: