Chambers Competes for GHP

Kennedy Chambers has made her voice heard at a young age.


Kortney Huggins

Chambers listens to a recording of her song in order to learn it and the convergent piano part simultaneously. “As a musician, my instrument is my voice,” Chambers said.

Kortney Huggins, J1 Mentor and Student Life Editor

The hardworking, talented and dedicated musician, Kennedy Chambers, sophomore, is currently a semi-finalist in Music Voice through GHP (Governor’s Honors Program). 

In order to attend GHP, applicants must complete multiple competitive levels of interviews in order to make it to the next round. Advancing to the final round allows candidates to attend a free summer program in which students can focus on a particular major.

As a musician, my instrument is my voice, ”

— Kennedy Chamebers

Chambers has been singing since she was three years old. Mindy Forehand, chorus teacher, nominated Chambers to allow her to expand her existing talent and acquire new skills. Forehand informed Chamber of the advantageous opportunity and gave her the sheet music to practice over the summer. In Oct., Chambers completed the first round by submitting an online application and recording of her song. 

“My musical intelligence has inclined from this process as I’m getting experience and exposure for other opportunities like GHP,”  Chambers said. 

The process of GHP is a tedious one, but with help from supporters, Chambers left lasting impressions and exceeded the interviewing process as well as sight reading. 

“I introduced myself, told [the GHP judge] that I’m a soprano two and then I sang my solo. And then I sight read… It was very challenging, the hardest sight reading I’ve ever had to do,” Chambers said.  

Being nominated for GHP as a sophomore is no common feat. In order to do well, Chambers was sure to seek out advice and tips not only from Forehand, but also from upperclassmen students who do well in the chorus program.

 “I think she was nominated for GHP because she has a hard work ethic and she’s very talented. She has a natural ear for music and is always wanting to learn more,” Madeline Garrett, senior and advanced women’s chorus member, said. 

She has a natural ear for music and is always wanting to learn more,”

— Madeline Garrett

Aside from music, Chambers is also gifted in the classroom. Taking advanced placement and honors classes, she makes sure she does not slack on school work or fall behind. 

“She’s a very dedicated student. She’s inquisitive. She is a lot of fun, but she’s also very studious,” Dorcas Acosta, Honors Spanish I and II teacher, said. 

Chambers hopes to put her newfound knowledge from GHP to use in everyday life. Skills learned from GHP are ones that will stick with students forever and allow them to do well in and out of fine arts programs. 

“I wasn’t even expecting to get to the last round, so it’s just a great accomplishment. I know that this will look great on my college resumes and I can try again next year… So even if I don’t make it this year, this will be preparation for me to go back stronger next year,” Chambers said.