Lacrosse Seniors Reflect On Program Growth

Senior members take a look back on the memorable growth the Lacrosse program has experienced.


Kristi Garrett

Madeline Garrett, senior, practices a defense drill. “The concept is basically monkey in the middle but with a lacrosse ball,” Garrett said.

Kortney Huggins, J1 Mentor and Student Life Editor

In the spring of 2017, the lacrosse team at Ola had just 18 players, six of whom were freshmen playing for the first time. Currently, there are 40 young girls who make up Ola’s lacrosse team that are hard at work to improve. 

“It is a fun, action-packed, exciting game. It’s not uncommon to have scores like 18-15… The lacrosse team literally acts, and for the most part, gets along like 40 best friends,” Daniel Stowers, lacrosse coach, said. 

The seniors who started four years ago are heavily involved with the building up of the lacrosse program. They take time to work with younger players before and after games as well as practices. 

“Our class of 2020 has many talented players that have also served as assistant coaches and have helped the younger players develop,” Stowers said. 

Leaving behind a program with this much growth in such a short amount of time is no small accomplishment for sports programs. 

“Starting out as still a new freshman, and seeing how we’ve grown over the past four years is amazing. Every year we’ve learned new things and it’s just really given me the confidence I was searching for,” Faith Ferguson, co-captain and senior, said. 

Playing lacrosse at Ola has not only taught the team members lessons on the field, but off the field as well. Lacrosse teaches life-long skills such as perseverance and accountability. Last season, the team had an impressive season that ended in the playoffs. 

“My proudest moment was taking the team to the playoffs last year in just their third full year of playing. They had 11 wins and only two losses,” Stowers said. 

Throughout the past four years of playing, the class of 2020 has been able to watch the program grow as well as learn things about life together. 

Being on the team… has been such a journey, ”

— Danielle Secrest

“Being on the team… has been such a journey and has made me this fun and outgoing person,” Danielle Secrest, senior, said, 

Though the season is being postponed due to COVID-19, players are grateful for the opportunity to grow not only as people, but the growth of the program overall. 

“For the senior class especially, we all started as strangers playing together and getting to know each other… we’ve basically seen each other grow into who we are because that’s a lot of what high school is about, finding out who you want to be,” Ferguson said.