Winterguard Spins Their Hearts Out in Final Show


Emma Alexander

Mason Barnes, Winter guard grows emotional before the final performance. Due to unfortunate events, this will be his final time seeing his seniors perform.

Emma Alexander, Staff Writer

In preparation for each new season, the winterguard puts in hours of strenuous work including memorization, multiple practices a week and spinning at home. Even with school work, studying and extracurricular activities, each member makes the ending show look flawless. 

Starting off in early November, the team begins working and piecing together all the aspects of the 2020 show, “…And the Beanstalk.” To build stamina and endurance for the following months, many members took initiative and began practicing on their own.

“I keep spinning before and during the season no matter what. This keeps my skills warm and ready for the season,” Zoë Bright, sophomore, said. 

Although working individually on skills is beneficial, working together as a team makes the preparation process more interactive and enjoyable. It also ensures everyone is focused and on the same page. 

“At practice the focus is mainly finishing the show, working in that way allowed the team to focus more on the product as a whole,” Kortney Huggins, winterguard co-captain and senior, said. 

Even though most of the guard’s time together was after school during rehearsal, the long hours created many friendships, making the experience all the more memorable.

Emma Alexander
Zoë Bright takes the lead in the final performance. “I was devastated because we didn’t know that we had already had our last show, and I was extremely sad.

“My all-time favorite thing about being a part of the [winterguard] is that we aren’t just a team, we are a sisterhood. We’re such a small group which makes such a family dynamic,” Bright said. 

“…And the Beanstalk,”, the 2020 show, is a direct reference to the children’s story “Jack and the Beanstalk.”  by Joseph Jacobs. 

“To me personally, the meaning behind the show was about going through a struggle but in the end, everything is okay,” Huggins said.

The playful tone of the performance balanced the struggles the team faced. 

“The show was brilliant. It was very technical and told a story, but also kept the cute, fairytale tone,” Bright said. 

Music choice plays a large role in the show. Differing from previous years which consisted of recordings of songs, this year’s soundtrack includes instrumental music featuring a voiceover. 

Despite all the hard work and efforts made, there were setbacks. Due to the current status of COVID-19, WGI (Winter Guard International) and other competitions were canceled, leaving the teams last show to be on March 12 at the high school. This left the team, especially seniors, shocked and heartbroken due to the abrupt ending of the season.

“As a senior, it was definitely saddening to have my very last season end so quickly. But I know the program will grow from this and great things will happen in future seasons,” Huggins said.