Top Five Binge-Worthy Shows to Watch While Social Distancing


Jedea Cook

Coronavirus quarantining was the least expected outcome for most across the world. We’re provided with a way to entertain ourselves during this time

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

With cancelation of school and most jobs, we are bound to our houses. So what are we doing while we practice social distancing? As COVID-19 news spirals, it’s time to take a break from your hourly CNN breaking news update and dial down for all the shows you’ve missed. Personally I’ve snacked a little here and binged a little there.  Who am I kidding? I have eaten a lot. I gave myself a break just to catch up on all the shows I promised my friends I’d watch.                                                                                                              

Jedea Cook
All american Season three just came out on netflix March 17, leaving plenty of viewers excited to watch. Seasons 1 and 2 surprised fans with the fact that it was going to be continued with a third season.

#1 “All American”

 “All American” follows a teenage boy trying to navigate in and around football after being brought out of the daring environment of Crenshaw, to Beverly Hills. Normally shows like this I’d scroll right past but I was definitely surprised. Spencer James, Played by Daniel Ezra, battles growing up without a father figure in his life to having a coach offer him more than anyone could ask for. I would binge this because it brings a new approach to a series that’s not only about football, but about the intel within the characters lives. As of a rating system this show gets five out five popcorn boxes for the most binge worthy show.. It is at the top of my list because it offers suspense, diversity, and drama.

#2 “On My Block”

“On My Block” gives us a perspective of a group of teenagers trying to have a normal high school career while also juggling being involved with history of the natives that run the streets around them.  It’s a show that juggles mystery, romance, and the overall maturing of teenagers.

 I really enjoyed it mostly because of the conflict Ruby, played by Jason Genao, has with all of his family. I give this a four out of five popcorn boxes for something to watch after a number five show.

Jedea Cook
The diversity On My Block has really helped it become a popular show. It didn’t make Netflix’s top 10 last year, but now it is ranked number 8 across the country.



#3 “Pretty Little Liars”

Now you might be wondering, okay but what about a 2000’s throwback? Something we have all heard about but not having actually watched.  “Pretty Little Liars” took over screens in 2010 and quickly became popular again with its “The Perfectionist” Sequel. The suspense it brings when a group of girls lose one of their friends and are later blackmailed by “A”, dropping clues to where she is. In the midst of it all, each of the girls struggle to keep their romantic lives on the down-low while trying to find Allison. It was an unexpected turn around in this show but I recommend it to people who like plot twists. This show gets a three out of five popcorn boxes for an alternative if you don’t normally watch series.

Jane has experiences in this new body that she never thought she could have. While she missed Deb, she had to adjust and move on.

#4 “Drop Dead Diva”

Airing in 2009, this show circles around an aspiring model that suddenly dies in a car accident and reincarnates into a top notch lawyer. She struggles to adjust to her new life as she has to keep her identity a secret from her past fiancé. It’s a funny and different show that most people would not think to watch.  I rate this at a two out of five popcorn boxes for an acceptable choice.

#5 “Gossip Girl”

Gossip Girl gives us the inside scoop of what highschool life is like for main Character Serena, played by Blake Lively. Moving back to her old school, she deals with the heartache and the glamour of being the most talked about thing in her school. Underneath all of this is the someone in on all the drama with a blog called Gossip Girl filling everyone in with everything. As shocking as it is, no one knows who he or she is. Given all the shows, I rate this four out of five popcorn boxes for being the CEO of scandals.

Jedea Cook
Revenge, drama, and fantasy fills up the streets of these rich students getting read for college. Gossip Girl ended up having two spin off shows within years after the finale.


While this quarantine has been a time to gather our thoughts and organize, leave some space to binge your favorite movies series, or have some time to yourself.  Self care is something a lot of us want but never tend to. Social distancing might not be in your best interest, but take this time to meditate, do face masks, and even just sleep. Yes, I understand it is hard not to see my friends and want to hang out, but have I left my bed in the last couple of days, that’s a secret I’ll never tell.


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