Membean Amplifies Learning


Photo Courtesy of Kortney Huggins

Kalyn Huggins, 7th grade, uses Membean as part of her middle school criteria. Huggins started using Membean before Henry County Schools were out for the year, but continues to utilize it during at-home learning.

Jackson Weems, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the semester, most of Ola’s English classes started using Membean, a website built to help users acquire new vocabulary by personalizing words lists and learning activities. Some teachers are utilizing this website to help expand their student’s word choice. 

“If you do a little bit every day, it definitely helps with your vocabulary,” Kaitlin Hensley,  junior, said.

This new interactive vocabulary tool uses research-based psychology concepts to help users build their personal vocabularies through adaptive reinforcement. A training cycle consists of continuous interaction with the website, 15 minutes a day, at least three days a week. This allows for maximum retention of each word displayed. 

“Membean has helped me learn synonyms for other words,” Regan Zakrewski, senior, said. 

Whilst in a training session, a variety of layouts are also provided to maximize retention. Once a new word is displayed, a page with the definition, a scenario in which it can be used, a web of synonyms and antonyms, memory cues, origins of the word and pictures are available to study. Once this page is studied, Membean randomly sorts through these and forms them into diverse questions.  

“I see more words that I have not noticed before in the literature I read,” Riley Theophile, junior, said. 

Photo Courtesy of Lori Vincent
The ‘All Words’ page shown allows students to track their progress. Many students have over 180 words studied.

Once studied and mastered, words are set aside in the ‘All Words’ tab. Once this tab is clicked, every word studied appears in alphabetical order. 

“It is a fun way to learn new words that will help me on my [Advanced Placement] tests,” Zakrewski, said. 

Through Membean, most students will notice an increase in vocabulary strength and fluency, which will likely help them in the future.