Easy Recipes for People Who Are Sheltering-In-Place

During this hard time, cooking can be a struggle, but it can also bring a family together.

Even though the state of Georgia is beginning to open, some families are still choosing to shelter-in-place which means they limit trips to the grocery store and restaurants. These recipes are easy to make, use few ingredients and make enough for leftovers. 

This video has five simple sweet and savory recipes to make at home that will be fun for the younger members of a family. Bon Appetit has a collection of different dishes to make at home that will satisfy everybody’s needs.

Isabella Chapman
When making this baked ziti, it may look like a difficult challenge to face, but it is easier than it seems. I have grown up with my mother making baked ziti all the time since we have a big family.

Here are two classic and easy recipes to make that use fewer ingredients and create leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Baked Ziti


      • one jar of roasted garlic pasta sauce
      • salt
      • extra virgin olive oil
      • one pound of ground beef
      • one pound of mozzarella cheese
      • ground black pepper
      • one tablespoon of italian seasoning
      • one pound of ziti pasta
      • one pound of ricotta cheese
      • frozen garlic bread



      • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
      • Blend a jar of roasted garlic pasta sauce to remove any large chunks.
      • Add salt and extra virgin olive oil to a pot of water and bring it to a boil.
      • Brown a pound of ground beef.
      • Shred a pound of mozzarella cheese.
      • Drain the ground beef to remove excess fats
      • Heat up the blended pasta sauce over the stove and add salt, ground black pepper, and Italian seasoning
      • Add the ziti pasta to the boiling water and then add the drained meat to your boiling pasta sauce.
      • Take one cup of pasta water and then drain the pasta.
      • Mix together in a bowl the ziti pasta and half of the pasta sauce.
      • Layer pasta sauce, then ziti pasta, ricotta cheese in chunks, and lastly the shredded mozzarella cheese all over. Repeat until the dish is filled to the top.
      • Cook the ziti and a loaf of garlic bread for about 20 minutes. Then allow for both to cool and serve. This should have plenty of leftovers for the next day.

My family made the baked ziti because it is a family favorite. We have made it four or five times since March. My grandmother likes to make this ahead of time and freeze it. It is a good meal to take to another family or a potluck too.


Oven Roasted Fried Chicken and Brussel Sprouts


        • brussel sprouts
        • chicken thighs
        • 3 eggs
        • ground black pepper
        • Salt
        • italian seasoned bread crumbs
        • butter
        • extra virgin olive oil
        • onion powder
        • garlic powder
Isabella Chapman
This dish is extremely easy to make and only take a bit of pre-planning and 40 minutes cook time. When I was young I would only eat chicken so my parents had to find different recipes so I did not eat the same thing each night.

Many younger eaters avoid vegetables, but even the pickiest eater in my house will eat these Brussels Sprouts because they don’t taste like vegetables. If you have leftovers, throwing the chicken in a tortilla for lunch the next day is a great option.