Cadets Recieve Military Experience

AFJROTC cadets traveled to Parris Island to gain experience and knowledge.

Cadets undergo drills akin to those of actual recruits in basic training.

Cadets undergo drills akin to those of actual recruits in basic training.

Daniel Alston, News Editor

41 AFJROTC cadets traveled to Parris Island, SC over the Fall break in order to experience U.S. Marine Corps basic military training.

The group, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Brown and Senior Master Sergeant Wrenn, got to experience what new recruits go through for basic training. In addition, they were able to tour the Marine base and learn history. Brown said, “I wanted them to get a firsthand look of one of the world’s premiere military services.”

The cadets received training from USMC drill instructors as they faced obstacle and confidence courses, marching, firing ranges, and more. The experience provided firsthand experience for many of the cadets’ long term goals. Chyla Fernandes, senior, said “It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to get through the things that the recruits have to do.”

In addition to training experience and history, the group was able to witness a cadet, a previous Ola graduate, become a private first class United States Marine. Brown felt that this event helped solidify resolve in many of those on the trip. Brown stated, “It just reinforced, to me, that what we’re doing here at Ola is working. That was the highlight to me.”

Attending the event is based upon funding. It is a marketing strategy of the United States Marine Corps. Many cadets indicated that they look forward to attending again and the department as a whole hopes to return. The trip provided an incomparable experience. Fernandes stated, “It reinforced my decision that I want to enlist into the military… but it also helped me see just how much I’m going to have to train and get ready for it.”