Thanksgiving Before Christmas Cookies

Does it get on your nerves when stores decorate for Christmas and over-look Thanksgiving?

Sav Simpson, Staff Writer

Here lately, the weather has become cooler and the days are getting shorter. Christmas is coming!

After Halloween in October, Thanksgiving is next on the list of holidays for 2014-15. As a believer in being thankful for the things I am given, I think that an over abundance of people over-look the Thanksgiving holiday. If people would stop and think about what has happened in their lives and show appreciation to those who have helped them in the hard times, the world just may be a better place.
For example,take a second to think about the soldiers fighting for our freedom in other countries. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas being holidays close on the calendar, many troops are absent from their family’s lives during those few months. If I were a troop or a troop’s relatives, I would take it to offence that citizens over look the meaning of Thanksgiving because they do not know what it is to be truly thankful for something.
We should all pause, put down the phones, and tell someone thank you for helping you in a time of need because it is something we need to do before we sing Christmas carols and bake Gingerbread Cookies. chritsmas

Picture Credit: Barrel, Cracker: CBOCS Properties Inc. 10. Nov. 2014