It is not a piece of cake

Salina Patel, Staff Writer

“It is a piece of cake,” they said. “It will be the best year of your life,” they said. Well they lied.

I thought it would be easy but it really isn’t. Senior year is not a piece of cake and the first semester has proved it not to be the best year of my life. It is the last year I have as a kid. I am preparing myself for the rest of my entire life; the decisions I make this year determine the rest of my life.

I thought that applications would be simple. I mean filling out your name and writing a few essays? Can’t be too difficult. I was completely wrong. I am drowning in college and scholarship applications while still trying to maintain my social life and GPA. Juggling five AP classes and a million extracurricular does not really help the tight schedule.

People keep telling me I about going to remember this year as one of the greatest years of my life; looking at it now, I feel like all I will remember is the tears and sweat put into trying to get every thing done.

Am I the only one scared to death about making these decisions? I’ve applied to two schools and I wonder how people apply and get into five or six. It was a push to finish those two applications and to think that I might want to apply to more. Why are seniors expected to write multiple essays and fill out 9 page applications when we have our final year together to enjoy?

I  guess we all have to just deal with it. If we want to have a bright future then the tedious task of filling out applications for acceptance and college money is necessary. It just would have been nice if I would’ve gotten some advice about what was going on or started earlier.

I would just like to tell all of you underclassmen something about senior year. Get started early, make resumes, and have a plan. First semester the senior year is not a walk in the park like it is made out to be, maybe second semester is, but first is sure as heck not.