Freshmen Reflect on 1st Semester

When freshmen walk through the doors at Ola, they are already filled with assumptions of what high school will be like.

Sav Simpson, Staff Writer

When middle school students think about high school, they assume that teachers give more work, grades are harder to keep high, and you have to put forth a lot of effort in order to pass your classes.
Nicolette Wendell admitts that she expected high school to better. She also included that she did not expect to have as much freedom as she is allowed to have throughout the school day. ” I’ve heard many upperclassmen talk about how awesome high school is, but I haven’t experienced it that way,” she said.
Kaylee Blount expected the upperclassmen to be nicer. She also included that you must study a lot harder in order to withhold a high grade in a class.
Sarah Donaldson also said that she expected to be studying a lot more than she is as of now. She also included that she expected to lose a lot of friends once they were consumed in the high school environment, but that is not her case.
Even though people judge and create their own assumptions of what high school is like, it develops with experience and a person’s outlook on school.