Fighting is Foolish

Fights can be preventable in all cases, some people are just too dumb to realize that.

Sav Simpson, Staff Writer

When I envision a fight, I picture two people arguing and injuring each other over an irrelevant and preventable topic. Fights are considered the action of taking part in a violent struggle, involving the exchange of physical hits or hurtful words that can impact a person more than you can think.
Fights can be over things as stupid as a football game or a simple bag of chips. People rarely understand the consequences of their actions until it is over. Getting into trouble at school is recorded on your school record and follows you throughout your grade school career.
By getting into a fight, you can jeopardize your chances of getting into your dream college or prevent yourself from participating in an athletic event. It could also have you kicked off your academic team or school sports team.
Physical fights can cause more damage than you would think. Not only does it cause injuries, the consequences can either expel or suspend the participants. Serious and highly dangerous fights are the worst because one person can be sent to jail or forced to leave their school.
But, some of the most foolish fights are filled with drama and “she said” “he said” conversations. When a student walks through the hallway of any school, you will listen in on about three different conversations that include boyfriend, best friend, or school drama that people would be better off not listening to or participating in.
In any case, fights can be toxic to a situation and can only advertise bad behavior and vibes from a certain group of people. Those people are the ones that have no life and consume themselves in other people’s business.
Instead of fighting, why not try talking to the person and attempt resolving the situation in a calm manner.