A new, individualized system will help students choose their classes for next year.

Daniel Alston, News Editor

Students registering for next year’s classes will experience a revamped process. Though nothing is set in stone, changes were made to the old method with the intention of creating a more personalized experience. Counselor Kati Kong stated, “we want to talk to ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders individually.”

Students are still advised to carefully consider their future course loads. Debra O’Quinn, assistant principal, said “[students] need to play to their strengths. If you’re going honors, make sure you go with your interests.”

Most students are taking to this advice and should be able to navigate the new changes as long as they do so. Jessica Nelson, freshman, said “I want to go into healthcare, so I’m taking chemistry.” In fact, the individualized system is supposed to help such students pursue their interests.

The selection is projected to take place from late January through Spring Break, so students are advised to prepare sooner rather than later. O’Quinn stated, “[students] need to come into it having done their research.”