Rising 9th Graders Scope Out the Scene

The rising 9th graders along with other high school students to learn about the courses available and to learn about the different club and activities Ola has to offer.

Sav Simpson, Staff Writer

On January 26th, rising 9th graders from the middle school along with other high school students joined together to learn about their classes and about different clubs and activities Ola has to offer.
Mr. Shedd, principal, started the evening by hosting a large meeting in the gym to introduce some of the staff at Ola. After the 30 minute meeting, participants were invited to visit the various classrooms and booths set up by clubs and organizations. The multiple fine arts classes displayed props and had representatives from the class to talk to students.
The 9th Grade Honors Team teachers held a meeting in the Learning Center to inform students about the values and opportunities the team has to offer. Students currently  on the team attended and shared their experiences with the group and answered questions.
Rising 9th grader, Madeline Crawford was nervous and excited to visit her upcoming school. She expected to have seen more high school students participating in the event and was anxious to sign up for her classes and electives. “I am excited to become a high school-er and have more freedom than I do now in middle school,” she said.